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Punjab Family Camps 2023 – Pakistan

11 August 2023

Two camps were held – 17 to 21 July, and 21 to 25 July. A mix of brothers and sisters from the north and south attended each camp. Two main sessions: Pakistan won the cricket!

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Philippines update

1 August 2023

Bro Julius Bumadilla (Bugallon Ecclesia, Philippines) recently visited Australia with his family. While here, Julius gave an excellent presentation about the Truth in the Philippines – beginnings, details about each ecclesia, current challenges, key activities that are held, and key upcoming events. Worth a watch!

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Baptism in Solo

19 July 2023

The ecclesia in Solo Indonesia were pleased to welcome Bro. Jojo who was baptised at the recent Indonesian Bible School. His wife Sis. Sepi has been baptised for many years and shared her faith with him.

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Hello from Vanuatu

11 July 2023

Vanuatu has recovered from the 2 cyclones that hit Pt. Vila and Tanna in early March and the Bro and Sis are very grateful for the support from the ACBM. The Bro and Sis in Pt. Vila are going well and are currently planning for the upcoming South Pacific Youth […]

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Cambodia Bible School Registration

8 July 2023

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God’s powerful hand in the Philippines

18 April 2022

The Tidings Magazine recently featured a number of articles on the Philippines in the April 2022 issue.

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New Year in Solo

7 January 2022

Our brothers and sisters in Solo, Indonesia, enjoyed their Christmas Day get together at the hall. Christmas is a very special time for our brothers and sisters there. In a country where the majority religion is Islam, Christmas is really the only time of year when Christians can be open about their faith. Our love and prayers are with them.

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Fiji update October ’21

1 November 2021

The role of the ACBM is to support the spiritual and physical welfare of our brethren, sisters and youth through COVID-19 and beyond. Until recently the ecclesia in Fiji have been doing an amazing job of maintaining its members welfare, however they have all but exhausted their ability to do so going forward.

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eNews September ’21 – India

10 September 2021

India is a vast country with a population of nearly 1.4 billion. There are also many local and tribal languages. This, of course, makes for challenges in preaching the Gospel. However the number and location of Christadelphians in India has increased. There are now 2,250 brothers and sisters in nearly 100 ecclesias in India. Of these ecclesias, only three use English for their meetings so it is now very much a local language country, just like the many ecclesias in Africa.

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Resilience Under COVID-19 Stress – Mission Night 15 Aug 2021 – Faith Building

26 August 2021

An Excellent and moving mission night held recently. Attended remotely and in person by a range of presenting brethren

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