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Philippines May’20 Update: Covid19 in Philippines

COVID19 has raised challenges for our Brethren and Sisters.

  • Tighter restrictions are in place than in Aus/NZ making it hard for Ecclesia to gain encouragement by meeting.
  • Many either lack the technology or good internet connection which has allowed Aus/NZ Ecclesias to continue to communicate under restrictions
  • Many members haven’t been able to work and therefore had no pay to support their families.
  • Sunday School prizegivings would normally held around this time, and cannot be run.
  • End of years Family Fraternals (Bible Schools), which is held in Dec. and alternated with the youth conference will be challenging.
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Cyclone Harold – April 2020

On the 6th of April Cyclone Harold stuck the largest Island of Vanuatu, Santo. It hit the town of Luganville Monday morning as a Category 5 cyclone. Extensive damage has been caused to the homes of the Bro and Sis who live on the Island of Santo and Malekula. Gardens have been damaged, Electricity and Running water are also no longer available and debris has been blown all over the town. Obtaining clean water and food is the priority at this time. No lives of the Bro and Sis have been lost and we can thank our God for watching over them.

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2019 Update for Thailand

The Bible Education Centre (BEC) in Chiang Mai is a central feature of our activities in Thailand. The BEC is the home, teaching and resource centre and is the base for fieldworkers who operate the centre year-round. The BEC is conveniently located near the centre of Chiang Mai and has most of life’s accessories, including…

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2019 Update from Japan

A highlight of this last year was the first study weekend in the Japanese language, held in Nagoya in November 2018. Studies were led by Brethren Peter Evans (Tokyo), Jonathan Prins (Fukuoka) and Andrew Culver (Simi Hills). The studies were well supported by international brothers and sisters and those locally from Sapporo in the east…

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2019 Update for Mongolia

Since last year’s report Sis Oyuna has found employment in Israel leaving her natural brother, Bro Puuje, as the sole member currently in Mongolia. There were no ACBM fieldworker visits during the 2018-19 year. However Bro Andy and Sis Mona Turner from Harrogate Ecclesia UK and former members in Mongolia, were able to spend time…

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2019 Update for Taiwan

The ACBM, per medium of Skype, continues to provide exhortations for Memorial Meetings each Sunday, a Bible Class on Thursday evenings and a First Principles class on Sunday evenings. The Bible class is run by a group of Chinese brethren in Australia and links up with many throughout China. It provides a wonderful opportunity for…

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2019 Annual Update for Fiji

During this last year the Fijian brothers, sisters and young people have been celebrating the jubilee of the opening of their hall in Suva with many special events ,memories, youth camps, Bible camps and special preaching efforts being brought to mind. On reflection the growth of the truth in Fiji, and the impact of the…

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2018 Annual Update for Fiji

Our Heavenly Father continues to bless this corner of his vineyard, the ecclesia in Fiji is well established, mature in many ways and welcomes regular visits from both old friends and new fieldworkers. The Fijian young people hosted the South Pacific youth conference (SPYC) in December /January 2017/18 in which 15 senior young people from…

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Annual Report 2018

Download Annual Report for 2018 Download Summary of Income & Expenditure, ACBM Balance Sheet and the General Purpose Financial Statements, Auditors Report $1,014,147  was received in donations (9.9% more than the previous year), with expenditures of $1,169,783. The Asia-Pacific Christadelphian Bible Mission is pleased to commend to you the 2017-2018 Annual Report containing:

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