With 400,000 COVID cases per day and 4,000 deaths per day in India.

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Virtual Study Weekend – Philippines

The virtual study weekend in the Philippines was successfully held last October 30 to November 1, 2020. The event focused on the themes of first letters of Paul to Timothy. It was attended mostly by our young brethren and sisters...

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eNews March ’21 Nepal

In the past year ecclesias in Kathmandu, have been able to continue to have fellowship within the guidelines of the Covid lockdowns and restrictions. Usually this has been in small groups and otherwise via the internet, using apps like zoom

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Palau is a small isolated island nation in the Pacific, with a population of only 18,000. There is currently a brother and sister living in Palau and we have had some response to online advertising in the area. We are...

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East Timor Update 2021

While no fieldworkers have been able to visit Timor Leste during 2020, we are very thankful that the country has experienced little effect from the corona virus.

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Baptisms at Virtual Fraternal

We were pleased to hear of the baptism of six brothers and sisters during the recent “virtual fraternal” in the Philippines. Sister Mercedes Maneclang (younger sister of sis. Florencia Bumadilla), sis. Abegail Kim Brozas (daughter of bro. Ernesto and sis....

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Bro. Kenneth and Sis. Rovi’s Baptism

Bro. Kenneth and Sis. Rovi had been in search of the truth for years and have found a way to it through Christadelphian preaching and learning web sites. Afterwards, through the ACBM, they were connected to the Laguna Ecclesia where...

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Over the last two days the Philippine ecclesias have been meeting for a virtual study weekend around the theme of Acts. Most of the brothers and sisters have been able to meet at their halls and connect with other ecclesias...

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First Sri Lankan Bible School

First Sri Lankan Bible School Study led by Bro Renay went very well, on the necessity to plan, and to plan to build God into our lives, it just won’t happen by luck.

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