The ACBM (Australia-Pacific Christadelphian Bible Mission Inc.) works in conjunction with the United Kingdom Christadelphian Bible Mission (CBM), the Christadelphian Bible Mission of the Americas (CBMA) and the Christadelphian Bible Mission of South Africa (CBMSA) to preach the gospel throughout the world.

The ACBM has been established by and is responsible to the Christadelphian community in Australia and New Zealand. Its area of responsibility is from the Indian sub-continent across Asia and the Pacific.

Specific Duties include:

  • oversee and co-ordinate the preaching and pastoral work overseas
  • foster the formation and spiritual development of Christadelphian ecclesias (communities) overseas
  • provide, where necessary, financial and welfare assistance to members
  • monitor and evaluate the work of its appointed fieldworkers

The ACBM consists of a number of entirely voluntary committees and teams created to work in the following areas:

  • tutor those who have registered for Bible Correspondence Courses
  • correspond with those having shown interest in the Scriptures
  • establish working groups to co-ordinate activity in specific countries
  • visit overseas countries to preach
  • visit overseas countries to support local Christadelphians
  • promote and seek financial support within the Christadelphian brotherhood in Australia and New Zealand for the work of the ACBM
  • administration of the mission operations and finances in an honest and proper manner

Page Last Updated: August, 2016