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THANK YOU! $60K Target Met !

Along with ongoing spiritual support, our dedicated Area Teams have provided significant financial support to help where many are out of work, and brothers and sisters do not have Government assistance or a medical system as we enjoy in Australia and New Zealand.

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Bible week song

At the 2014 Bangladesh Bible week, the young people got together late one night and composed their own song on Philippians.   For some “home video” recording, click this link:  

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Cambodia Bible Education Centre

Cambodia BEC is a local Cambodian preaching coordination organisation set up to coordinate and facilitate Christadelphian preaching activities. When we started the initial preaching effort in 2003, we could not get registration locally, neither could we garner enough funding. Due to funding issues an independent BEC was set up that sought funding from various supportive…

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Moinabad Children’s Home

The Moinabad Orphanage is independent of the ACBM. About The home has two “families” (it is not operated as an orphanage). Mathews and Lilly are parents for 17 children now aged from 20 – 26 years old (not really children any more) who live at the home! Prakash and Sahaya are parents to 9 children…

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Karnataka Christadelphian Youth

Karnataka Christadelphian Youth is a young people’s weekend hosted by the Bangalore ecclesia every couple of months. It commenced in 2002 at the Mandya ecclesial hall and has, for the last ten years has provided young people from the ecclesias in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu with a regular gathering for friendship, spiritual upbuilding and personal encouragement. At present…

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The Christadelphian Shunem Home for Children and the Elderly

The Shunem home is independent of the ACBM. The committee for the Shunem Home is based in the United Kingdom. Shunem Home website  About The Christadelphian Shunem home is situated to the south west of Hyderabad, India and was established in 1999 by Tim and Sarah Galbraith as a home for the children of street…

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ACBM 2013 Refugee Appeal

We have launched a further appeal to assist our brethren and sisters who have suffered severe persecution in their own country because they have stood firm for the Truth. Some of these brethren and sisters have been able to flee their homeland and are now in another country seeking recognition as refugees by the UNHCR.…

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Reports from South Korea

The following reports where printed in The Christadelphian: 1981 April We extract from a letter from Bro. Laurence Cresswell, and from a report he submitted to the Australasian C.B.M. in April, the following summary of recent developments, “Our correspondence circle now embraces 388 Esperantists in 51 countries. The larger numbers are in Poland and Hungary…

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“For the glory of the LORD filled the house of God”

Why did Israel build such an elaborate temple? There is no doubt that heaven, not the temple, was the dwelling place of God himself. It is a point that Solomon makes repeatedly: “Hear from heaven your dwelling place.” Solomon himself states that “heaven and the highest heaven cannot contain (the LORD), how much less this house that I have built” ( 2 Chronicles 6:18)…

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Money Problems

The first recorded disagreement within the Christian church is about money: “A man named Ananias … sold a piece of property, and … kept back for himself some of the proceeds and brought only a part of it” (Acts 5:1). The second recorded disagreement within the Christian church is also about money: “A complaint by…

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Visit to Vanuatu

History of the Truth in Vanuatu The ecclesia commenced in the city of Vila on the island of Efate in 1999 with the baptism of Brother Kaltos Manses. Our gospel proclamation has continued to have results with ecclesias now established in five of the islands. We were in Vanuatu for five weeks during June and…

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