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Youth Involvement in the ACBM

The ACBM is keen to encourage young brothers and sisters to become more involved in its work. Mission work is extremely rewarding and all workers return home saying they have received far more than they have been able to give. Many young people who had intended to do mission work only once have found that…

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Sri Lanka Refugee Update

Comparing previous year’s “hide & seek” problem with Sri Lankan Immigration Police which resulted in the deportation of many Pakistanis, 2015-16 has been a very peaceful year in terms of immigration problems for refugees in Sri Lanka. This worldly peace has provided an opportunity for our refugee brethren to preach the good news of our…

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Bible Schools in India

Seven Bible Schools are held each year, one being in Kerala – through to Mussoorie in the far north, 1800 metres up in the foothills of the Himalayas. The main Schools with several hundred attending each are near Hyderabad and Bangalore with a third in coastal Andhra Pradesh where there are some 20 ecclesias. Bangalore Bible School…

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Jayanthi Rehabilitation Centre

The Jayanthi Rehabilitation Centre home is independent of the ACBM. Link to Website About Jayanthi Rehabilitation Center is a very small village for the housing, care and rehabilitation of lepers. A site of more than 5 acres of land was purchased in Sept 1996, and building began shortly after that. The location is about 43…

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Tamil Literature List

BIBLE : Old Version UBS BIBLE : Common Language NT BIBLE : Old and New Testaments (Pdf) BIBLE : Tamil Bible OV (text, Tamil font required) AUDIO : NT (16 cassettes) ASI 0101625NT1000 also Psalms (7 cassettes) ASI 0101625PS1000 Introducing the Bible (mp3) The Truth willset you free (mp3) Life, Death and Resurrection (mp3) The…

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