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Pakistan Earthquake

19 November 2005

The massive earthquake which rocked northern India and Pakistan on Oct. 8 killed many thousands of people. Our brethren in north India in the province of Uttar Pradesh strongly felt the shaking, but there was no damage done to their property, nor any significant damage in their area. We are not aware that any brethren […]

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How the Truth came to India

28 August 1998

The Gospel Publicity League In 1939 a zealous young brother in Sydney, Australia, together with a New Zealand convert, initiated a venture which was to assist preaching in many parts of the world, including India. Charles French and his convert Alan Gunn started the Gospel Publicity League and began publishing […]

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India – The Seed Begins to Ripen

1 May 1985

IT WAS 6 YEARS AGO last month (April 1979) that Br Tim Galbraith, newly married to Sis Sarah, moved to India to make it his adopted country, and live· in his wife’s home city of Hyderabad. They were the only Christadelphians in a country teeming with 700,000,000 people! The beginnings were […]

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