Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world with 190 million people. Although more than 60 regional languages are spoken, Urdu is the national language and is understood by over 75% of Pakistanis. About 97% of Pakistanis are Muslim. The majority are Sunni, with an estimated 5–20% Shi’a. A further 2.3% are Ahmadis. Although they are granted freedom to practice their religion, Christians in Pakistan suffer much violence and persecution.

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Yousafwala building project, Pakistan

12 August 2023

This building project commenced on 26 April 2023. The opening has now taken place!

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Punjab Family Camps 2023 – Pakistan

11 August 2023

Two camps were held – 17 to 21 July, and 21 to 25 July. A mix of brothers and sisters from the north and south attended each camp. Two main sessions: Pakistan won the cricket!

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Victoria Information Evening – Secretaries Review

19 November 2020

Overview of Area ACBM activities from the Victorian ACBM Secretary

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Victoria Information Evening – Pakistan

19 November 2020

Victoria Information Evening – Pakistan Activities

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Growth of the truth in the Punjab, Pakistan

24 September 2020

Report on the incredible growth of the truth in the Punjab Region.

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Floods in Karachi

29 August 2020

Heavy rains have pounded Karachi including the al-Fatah colony where 250 B&S live

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