Bangladesh is the world’s eighth most populous country, as well as one of the world’s most densely populated countries. The country faces a number of major political and social challenges, including endemic bureaucratic and political corruption, widespread poverty, political instability, overpopulation and vulnerability to global climate change. The population is majority muslim, and ethnically Bengali (98%).

Baridhara(a suburb of Dhaka where the ecclesial apartment is located).Over 30 brethren and sisters attend this venue on Fridays. Studies for contacts and children’s classes are held in the morning (numbers often over 50). Memorial meetings and sometimes business meetings are held in the afternoon. There is an active group of young people.
Mirpura suburb of Dhaka 30 minutes from Banani).Classes for children and contacts and a memorial meeting (for 6 brothers & sisters) are held on Saturday.
Koligram(>4 hours from Dhaka)4 brothers and sisters live in this area but not close enough to each other for regular memorial meetings. One brother holds weekly classes for children and contacts. Members of Dhaka ecclesia visit for support.
Mymensingh(3 hours from Dhaka)Regular visits are made.

The local brothers and sisters continue to need support from visiting fieldworkers. English is widely spoken though classes are largely conducted in Bangali. Accomodation is available for fieldworkers at Baridhara (Dhaka).

ACBM Activities

First contacts in Dhaka in 1998 and first baptism in 2000. A mission apartment with cook is maintained for ecclesial meetings and field worker accomodation. There are 3-6 first principle classes per week. Memorial meeting is held Friday morning. Bible school is usually in August, October, or December. CYC camps (1-2) and truth camps (2-3) are held annually. There are 3 Sunday Schools. Bengali literature is translated, printed and distributed. Bengali is the national language and Bangladeshi brothers are sometimes used as translators in neighbouring West Bengal (India).

Recent Posts

Victoria Information Evening – Secretaries Review

19 November 2020

Overview of Area ACBM activities from the Victorian ACBM Secretary

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Victoria Information Evening – Bangladesh

19 November 2020

Victoria Information Evening - Bangladesh

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Bangladesh Sept ’20 Update

21 September 2020

- Currently there are 63 brethren and sisters in Bangladesh. - There are 3 meetings, Notun Bazar, Savar and Mymensingh. Notun Bazar is in Dhaka, Savar is a town about an hour north west of Dhaka and Mymensingh is a rural village about 4 hours north. (These times are all very variable depending on the road conditions.) - In the past year there have been 10 baptisms.

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2017 Annual Update for Bangladesh

9 October 2017

The highlight of the year has been the growth of the Mymensingh ecclesia, roughly 4 hours north of the capital Dhaka. The Mymensingh ecclesial growth has been both in numbers (doubling the size of their ecclesia), and in maturity. They have shown remarkable independent growth, both in bringing many to […]

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Bangladesh: contrast and fellowship

19 April 2016

Dhaka is a melting pot of humanity, an intriguing mix of past and present. It is a ‘super-metropolis’ and recognised as the most densely populated urban area in the world. Initiation into Bangladesh sees one emerging from the airport to a relatively modern taxi. You are then hurtled along hastily […]

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Bible week song

11 August 2014

At the 2014 Bangladesh Bible week, the young people got together late one night and composed their own song on Philippians. For some “home video” recording, click this link:

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