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India – The Seed Begins to Ripen

1 May 1985

IT WAS 6 YEARS AGO last month (April 1979) that Br Tim Galbraith, newly married to Sis Sarah, moved to India to make it his adopted country, and liveĀ· in his wife’s home city of Hyderabad. They were the only Christadelphians in a country teeming with 700,000,000 people! The beginnings were […]

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Brethren Pray for Us

28 September 1975

PAUL had a wonderful sense of caring for the ecclesias. He visited them, he wrote to them, he sent messages to them by the hands of faithful disciples and, constantly, he prayed for them. He prayed for those whose faces he knew well and whose love he treasured. He prayed […]

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A Pastoral Letter to the Saints throughout the World

28 January 1975

To the saints throughout the world: Greetings in Christ Jesus. TIME was when travel and communications were so slow and expensive that the Truth expanded in a series of regional households, each having little personal knowledge of the members in other areas, and relying for news of these in magazines […]

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