ACBM September Bulletin, 2012

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A new mission home in Dhaka

Picture 1 – This is the wedding breakfast in the new Sava apartment with no furnishings.

Picture 2 – Bangladeshi bride and groom are by tradition not to smile. Bro Peter & sis Sweetie do very well!

Picture 3 – Sister Sylvia teaching a number of children she has collected for herself. She as Sunday School once a week in the only room of the house, the bedroom – on the bed!

Picture 4 – Happy and attentive young students enjoying Sunday School in the new apartment, with brother Daniel watching on.


ACBM Field Work – Why not commit yourself?


A mission experience…

 “July 2012 – a one month visit which turned out to be a very busy month – the time flew! We were delighted to spend 3 days in the west, where we visited Bro Isoa & Sis Filo Makutu at home. Spoke with 2 interested friends and exhorted at the Lautoka meeting. Then travelling by bus to Suva, we were met by Bro Shiv Nath, who took us to the Suva Ecclesial Hall where we stayed for the next 3
weeks. During this time we conducted a series of studies, led three Christadelphian Youth Circle meetings. The young people’s helpful support, diligence & love for God’s Truth greatly impressed us.

A lecture in Suva and another in the Veisari Village, were both well attended. Three first principles classes were held and we were pleased to work with a friend who is almost ready for baptism. Thirty sisters attended the Sister’s Class where a study & craftwork were undertaken. A wonderful day was enjoyed by all, followed by a shared lunch. Three exhortations were also delivered in the Suva meeting. We were very pleased to work with the Lautoka and Suva ecclesias, which gave us wonderful support and hospitality. God willing we will return as soon as possible to work with our brothers, sisters and young people again.”

 – Bro. Ray and Sis. Kaye Ginn


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