Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands have a population of 582,000 with English, Pidjin and local dialects being the main languages. The main religion is Christianity, which is predominantly Protestant.

Ecclesias:  Honiara, Malaita island & Fote Village

ACBM activities

Work started in 1996. 4 or 5 field worker visits are made each year to conduct seminars and for pastoral support. There are four ecclesias, one in Honiara, two others within a few kilometres of each other on the island of Malaita and the fourth on the remote Reef Islands, more than 600km east of Honiara, where two brethren live.

Because the brethren and sisters are dispersed in different areas we attempt to gather them together annually at a Bible Week. A Bible School or other gathering is held annually. ‘Let the Bible Speak’ is broadcast over the national radio each Sunday night. There are about 70 undertaking the Bible Correspondence Course.

Recent Posts

Solomon Islands 2020 in review

21 December 2020

Solomon Islands 2020 in review

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Solomon Islands Update OCT 2020

14 October 2020

There was a Bible school held in Solomon Islands on Malaita Island in July 2019. The Youth conference was held in January 2020. These are very much appreciated by the local brethren & sisters as it is an opportunity for them to be able to fellowship together.

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2018 Update for the Solomon Islands

14 September 2018

The highlight of the last year was the number of baptisms which took place, increasing the number of brethren and sisters in the Solomon Islands by about 40%. The majority of those baptised are the children of brethren and sisters who have come through Sunday School, and had the benefit […]

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Mini Bible Exhibition tour the Solomon Islands

14 April 2012

A mini (and very portable) Bible Exhibition made up of laminated coloured panels was recently used in five locations in Solomon Islands from the capital Honiara, to the rural provinces, even to an island where there are only walking tracks. The theme of the exhibition is God’s Plan for the Earth […]

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Baptisms at Peaceland Ecclesia

10 March 2011

Bro Alfred & Sis Nester Bro Joseph & Sis Priscilla On the island of Malaita in Solomon Islands there has been a small Ecclesia in the Village of Fote for a number of years. Three years ago Charles Dadali from a new area was baptised. Bro Charles has been tireless […]

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Solomon Islands Update, October 2010

24 October 2010

The Solomon Islands hvs a population of nearly 600.000, living on about 350 different islands. About 97% of the population are Christian and they generally respect, and will talk about the Bible. Travel between islands is difficult so most fieldworker visits are restricted to the capital Honiara with its population […]

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