Solomon Islands Update OCT 2020

There was a Bible school held in Solomon Islands on Malaita Island in July 2019. The Youth conference was held in January 2020. These are very much appreciated by the local brethren & sisters as it is an opportunity for them to be able to fellowship together. They are very scattered & do not have this opportunity unless these activities are held.

Since March 2020 there have been no fieldworker visits due to Covid 19. Solomon Islands have been very fortunate in not having been affected by the virus until October, when 2 infected students returned from the Philippines. The government have been very strict on who they would allow into the country & prevented anybody from areas that had been affected by the virus.

There has been maintenance work done on the site which is used for Bible schools, at Fote village, Malaita Island. They are hoping to hold a youth conference in January 2021. As no fieldworkers are able to visit, local brethren are organising the programme & will conduct the studies.

There have been some food shortages because the brethren have not had employment, so assistance has been provided.

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