Mini Bible Exhibition tour the Solomon Islands

A mini (and very portable) Bible Exhibition made up of laminated coloured panels was recently used in five locations in Solomon Islands from the capital Honiara, to the rural provinces, even to an island where there are only walking tracks. The theme of the exhibition is God’s Plan for the Earth and follows through from Creation to the Kingdom; detailing the History of Israel, the Promises to Abraham and David, the Prophecies of the Scriptures, the work of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostles, through history to our current day; then detailing God’s future Kingdom on the Earth.

Solomon Islander’s have a strong interest in the Bible and a good deal of interest was shown with 101 people visiting the exhibition, 28 attending the associated seminars on Jerusalem – Future World Capital and 39 new signups for the Correspondence Course.

In conjunction with the Exhibition we showed the UK produced DVD series “Why I Believe the Bible!” This is a series of six 5 minutes videos by brethren each expert in their field as follows:

DVD – Why I Believe the Bible?

  • Archaeology – Bro Leen Ritmeyer [Archaeological Architect]
  • Law of Moses – Bro John Hellawell [Medical Doctor]
  • History – Bro John Botten [Medieval and Modern Historian]
  • Biology – Bro Philip Mallinder [Molecular Biologist]
  • The Manuscripts – Bro Marin Lawrence [Medieval Historian]
  • Horticulture – Bro Matthew Biggs [Horticulturalist]

This DVD containing this series will be offered shortly on and the ACBM has ordered extra copies for brethren and sisters and ecclesias in Australia and New Zealand to use in preaching work. A sample copy will be sent to ecclesias with the May ACBM Bulletin. The cost is AU$0.65 or NZ$0.75 each plus postage.

– Keith and Judy Pearson

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