Baptisms at Peaceland Ecclesia

Bro Alfred & Sis Nester Bro Joseph & Sis Priscilla On the island of Malaita in Solomon Islands there has been a small Ecclesia in the Village of Fote for a number of years. Three years ago Charles Dadali from a new area was baptised. Bro Charles has been tireless in preaching near his village of Bio. During the latest field worker visit, there have been two more baptisms bringing the combined
number of baptised in what is now called Peaceland Ecclesia to six, with more still learning.

The latest baptisms were Nester, the wife of Bro Alfred Ko’ode, and Priscilla the wife of Bro Joseph Kala. During both interviews there were no doubt that these two young women were very keen to join their husbands in the Faith, and to jointly worship the God of Heaven in sincerity and their new found Truth.

Alfred and Nester have two young children, and Joseph and Priscilla have three with number four on the way in September; so both couples can work together to bring up their children ‘in the Lord’. The Brotherhood now has two small Ecclesias on the island of Malaita in the Solomon Islands.


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