Reports from Kerala (1981 – 2010)


We rejoice to report the baptism on Sept. 4 of Mr. P. D. Rajumon. May the Father bless him in his walk. Bro. Rajumon learned the Truth through the C.B.M. Bible Postal Course and is the first in the southern State of Kerala to respond to the call of the Gospel. He is isolated there and we request your prayerful support.—Ray Allanson


Bangalore.—Again we have joy at reporting the baptism of another of those who have learned the Way of Life through the Bible Postal Course. Mr. C. V. Zacharia was baptized on Mar. 11. He lives in isolation in Cochin and needs our prayerful support.—Ray Allanson

We are sorry to report that Bro. and Sis. Allanson, and their 2 children, who arrived in India in Dec. 1981 from New Zealand have been obliged to return home following Sis. Allanson’s breakdown in health. We pray that the Lord may soon restore her to health and strength. Their departure has created an urgent need for a brother and sister to take over their rôle as resident Mission Workers caring for the 3 southern states of India including the Ecclesias at Bangalore and Mandya and those in isolation in Kerala.


It was once again a very joyous and happy occasion for the brethren and sisters here to meet those from other parts of the country and also from England, Australia and New Zealand at the Bible Week held for the second time at Bangalore. The ecclesia consists of 5 families having 12 baptized members; it is only 4 years old. During Bible Week about 50 people including children and some interested friends attended from Hyderabad, Mandya, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The theme for the first study was “The Faith”: Bro. Tim Galbraith (Hyderabad) led seven studies. Under a second theme, “Encounters with Jesus”, six studies were led by different speakers. In addition there were short talks during afternoons and evenings. There was a School for children during the whole week: Sis. Ruth Marley (New Zealand), assisted by other sisters, chose Daniel for the project. In the evenings, there was a slides show, quiz night, a musical night (English, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu songs and hymns) and a family night. The Sunday School children enacted scenes from the story of Solomon and the Good Samaritan. Brethren and sisters with young boys and girls enacted scenes from other Bible stories. A good number of booklets/pamphlets in English, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu languages were displayed in the Hall, which attracted the newcomers and visitors. May our Heavenly Father bless us in this work and give increase according to His Will.


Following a spiritually beneficial Bible School in the southern state of Kerala, Mr. Thomas Varghese Kochuplamoottil was also baptized on Dec. 28, 1987. Mr. Thomas Varghese Kochuplamoottil was also baptized on Dec. 28, 1987. Bro. Harry is the first convert resident in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu and will need our support and prayers as he returns to isolation to his home in Madras.


Six baptisms brought us great joy. They were all in Kerala: Bro. Sanil Joseph in Sept.; Bro. Anil Varghees, Sis. K. M. Achamma, and Sis. Thankamma Abraham in Oct.; Bro. Jimmy Varghees and Bro. K. Thomas in Nov.—Ravinder B.K.

We are pleased to report the baptisms, on Aug. 6, of Tom and Susy Kanady of Ollur, Kerala, and rejoice with them. They will be in semi-isolation. – Tim Galbraith


Bombay.—With the baptism in Oct. 1990 of Mr. M. K. Abraham, a light of witness has begun to burn among the seething millions of this great city. The baptism of Mr. Wilson Thomas in Kerala was a cause of further rejoicing and his move to Bombay outskirts means company for Bro. Abraham. Our new brethren need our prayers and support on their walk to the Kingdom.


Trichur Dt. (Kerala).—We are pleased to report the blessing of the Lord with the baptisms of Mr. Joy Manjolly, Mr. M. V. Johnson and Miss Lissy Varghese; also of Sofia and Sonia Tom, daughters of our Bro. Tom and Sis. Suzy Kanady; and Mrs. Mary Joseph, sister of Bro. Sonil Joseph.



Thiruvalla: on Apr. 10, Mr. T. M. Baby, Mrs. Kunjamma Baby, and Mrs. Ammini George; on May 29, Mr. Raju T. George (husband of Sis. Ammini) and Miss Valsamma Babymol (daughter of Bro. and Sis. T. M. Baby); and on July 2, Mr. N. M. Joseph and Mr. Thangachen

Thiruvalla: Mr. Shaju Abraham, Mr. Jacob Mathew (Trivandrum), Mr. C. K. Kurian, Mr. C. J. Kuruvilla, Mr. M. Mathew

Ollur (Trichur): Mr. V. P. and Mrs. Baby George, Mrs. Elsy Porinchy, Mr. Lawrence and Mr. P. J. George.

Thiruvalla: Mr. Shaju Abraham, Mr. Jacob Mathew (Trivandrum), Mr. C. K. Kurian, Mr. C. J. Kuruvilla, Mr. M. Mathew. Visakhapatnam: Dr. I. J. Swamy. In isolation in Kerala: Mr. C. M. Markose (Neelaswaram), Mr. Joy C. (Idukki), Mr. Paul Mannakotam (Idukki District). Both Bro. Joy and Bro Paul were previously Pentecostal pastors and their conversions have caused a number in their former congregations to look carefully at the Truth.



Angamaly (Kerala).—On the weekend of Dec. 8–10, 1995 a special Fraternal Gathering was held when more than 40 brethren and sisters and friends descended on the large home of Bro. and Sis. T. V. George to hear studies led by Bro. Tim Galbraith on the “Signs in the Gospel of John”. There were plenty of children’s activities too, catered for by Sis. Judith Pitt-Francis. The climax of the weekend came with two baptisms. Firstly, Saji from Pazhakari, 120 km away, up in the mountains. This makes a small group of five up there, including his mother and sisters. Second, a Hindu convert, Vijayan, by the small group who meet at Meenadom. May the Lord bless our new brothers in their walk to the Kingdom. The brotherhood in this southernmost state of India consists of seven small groups, none of more than ten. They have just decided to host the 15th All India Bible Week scheduled for May 3–10, 1997, and are looking forward to visitors from overseas as well as from all over India.—David Caudery


Angamali (Kerala).—On June 7, Brethren Ken Chalmers and Andrew Williams from Australia gave studies on “The Relationship of Jesus with his Father”, “The Death of Jesus”, “The Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testament and in our Lives” and “The Cost of Discipleship”. Bro. Tom Kanady of the nearby Ollur Ecclesia came with two contacts ready for baptism and after interviews we were pleased to immerse Mr. Raphael and Mr. Boban into the saving name of our Lord. They will become members of the Ollur Ecclesia.—T. V. George


1997: May 3–11: All India Bible Week, Angamali, Kerala.


Ollur (Kerala).—With great joy we record the baptism on Jan. 12, at our Young Seekers Bible Camp, of Miss Senia Tom, daughter of the undersigned and Sis. Susie Kanady. We were pleased to welcome many visitors to the Camp, and appreciated the help and encouragement of a number of overseas visitors.—Tom Kanady


Adamalli (Kerala).—With joy we announce the baptisms during September 1999 of Mr. K. Wilson, his wife Mrs. Daisy, and son Mr. Biju. May God bless their walk to God’s kingdom.—Paul Mannamkandam

Thiruvalla (Kerala).—We happily announce the baptism at the Bible Week of Mrs. Nalini, wife of our Bro. Appakutten. May the Heavenly Father’s love surround her walk.—M. A. Joykutty



Thiruvalla (Kerala).—We rejoice in three baptisms in Kerala. On Oct. 15, 2000, Mr. V. P. and Mrs. Suja Kuruvilla were baptized and will meet with the Meenadom Ecclesia and on Oct. 29, 2000 P. J. Mary was baptized at Adimalli. Since her baptism our new sister has moved from Adimalli to the Thiruvalla area. Our prayers are for the continuing spiritual growth of our new brother and sisters.— M. A. Joykutty


Thiruvalla, Kerala.—On July 1 we rejoiced in the baptisms of Mrs. ALEYAMMA VIJOY, wife of our Bro. Vijoy, Mrs. JOLLY BABU and Mrs. SALLY VARUGESE. We pray for the spiritual growth of our new sisters as they walk Zionwards.—M. A. JOYKUTTY



Mallapally (Kerala).—We are happy to report a new lightstand in this busy town, formed by three Christadelphian families. About twelve interested friends also meet regularly for Bible study. We seek the Father’s blessing on the work.—J. C. CHACKO



Adimalli (Kerala) – We are happy to record the baptism of Mr. Joseph Sebastian during the past year. – Tim Galbraith



From the ACBM Annual Report, 2017

Kerala is known as “God’s own country” and has been named one of the world’s top ten paradises by National Geographic Traveller. 18% of the population is Christian (making it the most Christianised state in India) and so there has always been a strong response to the gospel message.

Today there are 9 ecclesias with around 115 brethren and sisters. Preaching is undertaken by the local brothers and sisters, and brother Joy Kutty travels regularly to assist ecclesias with the work. The Kerala Bible week this year was held in September with an attendance of approximately 60. A Kerala Youth Camp was held in 2016 with attendance of approximately 45.

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