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THANK YOU! $60K Target Met !

Along with ongoing spiritual support, our dedicated Area Teams have provided significant financial support to help where many are out of work, and brothers and sisters do not have Government assistance or a medical system as we enjoy in Australia and New Zealand.

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Telugu Literature List

70m speakers in Andhra Pradesh, SE India.Telugu script is similar to Tamil. Bibles BIBLE : Telugu Standard Version (UBS Bangalore Hyderabad) some very old fashioned language BIBLE : Telugu New Version (IBS Madras) not much used AUDIO : Telugu Standard Version. New Testament 0083635NT1000 (UBS Bangalor) AUDIO : Telugu Genesis Ecclesiastes (Hyderabad Christadelphians) digitapes< Course…

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Baptisms in Dhaka

The abiding power of the Gospel call has again been evident in Bangladesh. P. and B., after much reading of scripture, discussion and meditation, were baptized in Dhaka on Sep. 22. In the very difficult economic and social circumstances of this country, their decision to enter into the household of faith has special meaning in terms of commitment and resolve. They…

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The History of Bible Schools in India

When Bible Schools or Weeks first began in India 25 years ago it was easy to house everyone under the same roof. The first two, in 1983 and 84 were actually held in the newly built first stage of the Moinabad Home and were under the auspices of the Hyderabad ecclesia. But they began to outgrow this facility and when…

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Pakistan Earthquake

The massive earthquake which rocked northern India and Pakistan on Oct. 8 killed many thousands of people. Our brethren in north India in the province of Uttar Pradesh strongly felt the shaking, but there was no damage done to their property, nor any significant damage in their area. We are not aware that any brethren and sisters suffered injury or…

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A P2P Case Study – Cook Islands

January 2003 The Cook Islands are fifteen individual islands in Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean. The total land mass of all islands is only approximately 250 square kilometres, yet the territory of the Cook Islands covers an area approximately the size of India. The people are Maori and the majority are members of the Cook Islands Christian Church (CICC), although most major…

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Preaching to Immigrant Communities

Recently it has been our privilege to visit Australia and New Zealand in the service of the CBM and to share with our brethren and sisters the news of wonderful growth which is taking place in East Africa and Malawi in particular. It was also instructive to see other ways of witnessing which are developing in Australia and New Zealand. Especially…

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How the Truth came to India

The Gospel Publicity League In 1939 a zealous young brother in Sydney, Australia, together with a New Zealand convert, initiated a venture which was to assist preaching in many parts of the world, including India. Charles French and his convert Alan Gunn started the Gospel Publicity League and began publishing Present Day Events and their…

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Review of “Into all the World”

WHEN Brother Stanley Owen retired from CBM activities in 1994 we lost one of the last links with those involved in its early years. Brother Stanley had been a member of the CBM council for nearly 30 years, much of that time as secretary, and had an encyclopaedic knowledge of missionary work over 40 years…

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Brethren Pray for Us

PAUL had a wonderful sense of caring for the ecclesias. He visited them, he wrote to them, he sent messages to them by the hands of faithful disciples and, constantly, he prayed for them. He prayed for those whose faces he knew well and whose love he treasured. He prayed for those whom he had…

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A Pastoral Letter to the Saints throughout the World

To the saints throughout the world: Greetings in Christ Jesus. TIME was when travel and communications were so slow and expensive that the Truth expanded in a series of regional households, each having little personal knowledge of the members in other areas, and relying for news of these in magazines which circulated throughout the world.…

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