Reports from Sri Lanka (1985 – 2013)



Bro Harry Jones from Yokine reporting “Our work of preaching the Gospel in Sri Lanka is making excellent progress: almost 200 contacts have been made and over 20 of these are now receiving the Bible Study course. Arrangements are now almost complete for our Bro. and Sis. Alex Gordon to spend 2 months in Sri Lanka to meet our contacts personally and consolidate the progress so far made. We trust our heavenly Father will continue to bless all our activities”


Singapore: “We were very pleased to have the company of Bro. and Sis. Alex Gordon of Perth (Yokine) Ecclesia, Australia, recently, and also Bro. Brian Hayles. Both brethren assisted our ecclesia whilst en route from preaching in Sri Lanka.”

The Western Australian ecclesia given the responsibility of Sri Lanka. Only Yokine participates.


“Our preaching of the Gospel in Sri Lanka continues and we are encouraged by two of our contacts putting on the Saving Name of the Lord Jesus: this was the culmination of the work of Bro. Brian Hayles and Bro. Alex Gordon, who spent some time in Sri Lanka in order to make personal contact with correspondents who had answered our advertisements in the press. Bro. Isaac and Sis. Laurel Kanagaratnam , who were baptized, are the first-fruits of our work there and we seek our heavenly Father’s blessing and pray that with the help of our new brother and sister many more will follow their example.— Harry Jones”


Colombo. —”We have been delighted to hear the news of the baptism of Laurinda Jayasuriya and Rita Perera , further fruit of the preaching work in this country.— Harry Jones (Perth, W. Aust.)”


“With pleasure we report the visit of Bro. Alex and Sis. Jean Gordon of Perth, Western Australia, for a period of five weeks from Oct. 1, 1987. We remember with gratitude the loving fellowship we had with them at the Sunday meetings and Bible studies. With great joy we announce the baptism on Nov. 5, of Mr. Srilal Chandrakumara , just prior to their departure.”— Isaac V. Kanagaratnam



“With pleasure we report the visit of Bro. Alex and Sis. Jean Gordon of Perth, Western Australia, for a period of five weeks from Oct. 1, 1987. We remember with gratitude the loving fellowship we had with them at the Sunday meetings and Bible studies. With great joy we announce the baptism on Nov. 5, of Mr. Srilal Chandrakumara , just prior to their departure.— Isaac V. Kanagaratnam”


“Our preaching work in Sri Lanka continues to be blessed; we rejoice in being able to report in news from that country a further baptism into the Saving Name of the Lord Jesus.— Harry Jones”


“It is now about 3 years since a concentrated effort was made to bring the Truth to Sri Lanka. The effort has been blessed by our Heavenly Father to the glory of His Holy Name. In Nov. 1986, Bro. and Sis. Isaac Kanagaratnam were immersed. In June 1987, Sis. Laurinda Jayasuriya and Sis. Rita Perera also embraced the one true faith. Finally we had the pleasure of baptizing Bro. Srilal Chandrakumara . We are therefore pleased to announce that a small ecclesia has been formed in Colombo. Meetings are held each Sunday in the home of Bro. Isaac for the breaking of bread and for Bible Study. Bro. Isaac has taken up the role of our representative in Colombo and is carrying on the follow-up work. They are being supported by frequent visits from fieldworkers. In recent months Bro. and Sis. Brian Hayles, Bro. Walter Ketterer, Bro. and Sis. Frank Ashforth, Sis. Julie Gomm, and Bro. Ron Hicks have been working in conjunction with the ecclesia visiting contacts. The opportunities are enormous, and, with the help of God, we are sure that there will be a response to the Truth of God in this land of darkness. We ask for the prayers of the brotherhood for the small ecclesia in this strife-torn island. Brethren travelling on holiday or business are asked to consider calling upon our brethren and sisters in Colombo. Bro. Isaac can be contacted through Deskan Agencies, P.O. Box 1804, Colombo.— Alex Gordon”


“With much pleasure we report the visit to Sri Lanka of Bro. Frank and Sis. Ruth Ashforth, Bro. Walter Ketterer, Bro. Brian and Sis. Roma Hayles and Sis. Julie Gomm, all of Perth, W. Australia, who were here for a period of six weeks from the beginning of Feb. There were many contacts who called in to meet them; they also did much travelling in visiting the contacts. We gratefully remember the loving fellowship we had at the Sunday meetings.— Isaac V. Kanagaratnam”


Colombo.—”We were happy to welcome Bro. Theo Simons, Bro. Peter and Sis. Yvonne Janssen, Bro. Peter Pickering and Sis. Julie Finnin, all from Melbourne, Vic., for a period of six weeks in July and Aug. During their stay they visited many of the contacts living in the outstations, which kept them busy. We remember with gratitude the loving fellowship we had, when we met for the Memorial Meetings and the Bible Studies. We had much to learn from the exhortations of these brethren. We also had the loving fellowship of Bro. Brian Hayles, when he spent two days with us on his way to Thailand.— Isaac V. Kanagaratham”



In 1985–86, each Sunday for 15 months, we presented “Bible Truth” addresses over Sri Lanka Radio, under the auspices of the A.C.B.M. (Victoria). We made a large number of contacts, mainly from the Indian sub-continent, but also from as far afield as West Germany and Holland. During this period our broadcasts introduced the Truth to two who were subsequently baptized—Bro. Biswaroop of Calcutta, and Bro. Harry Peters of Madras.

We are pleased to advise that from July 3 a new series of “Bible Truth” broadcasts will be given each Sunday at 9.30 p.m. Colombo time (4.00 p.m. G.M.T.) over the following frequencies (from Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation):

0720 kHz—31 metre band
6075 kHz—49 metre band
15425 kHz—19 metre band

Our contract is for 12 months of 15 minute sessions, and we pray that God will bless this further endeavour in preaching the Word.— Ken Quixley”

Colombo. —We were happy to welcome Bro. Theo Simons, Bro. Peter and Sis. Yvonne Janssen, Bro. Peter Pickering and Sis. Julie Finnin, all from Melbourne, Vic., for a period of six weeks in July and Aug. During their stay they visited many of the contacts living in the outstations, which kept them busy. We remember with gratitude the loving fellowship we had, when we met for the Memorial Meetings and the Bible Studies. We had much to learn from the exhortations of these brethren. We also had the loving fellowship of Bro. Brian Hayles, when he spent two days with us on his way to Thailand.— Isaac V. Kanagaratham”



“Our preaching activities in Sri Lanka continue with the help of a number of brethren visiting the young ecclesia there. Apart from our own members who have spent time in Sri Lanka, we wish to thank Brethren Peter Jansen, Theo Simmons and Peter Pickering for the help they have given during their visit. Above all, we thank our Heavenly Father for His blessing on the work. We regret that arrangements for further visits to the brethren and sisters in Sri Lanka have had to be cancelled because of the ban that the Sri Lanka Government has declared on overseas visitors.— Harry Jones”


“Our preaching work in Sri Lanka continues, at the present time five of our members are there: Bro. Brian and Sis. Roma Hayles, Bro. Walter Ketterer, Sis. Jill Hayles and Sis. Jenny Devenish-Meares. We pray that our Heavenly Father will bless them as they encourage the infant ecclesia in Sri Lanka and continue the work of preaching the Gospel.”


“Colombo. —The Lord continues to bless the work of preaching. With joy and thanksgiving the report the baptism of Mr. R. Indrarathne, a Buddhist who came in contact with the truth about 18 months ago. After a good confession of faith he was baptized by Brethren Brian Hayles and Walter Ketterer. We pray our Heavenly Father’s blessing upon our new brother. This brings the total to six, and we have requests for three more baptisms, which are being followed up. Would any who may be travelling or on holiday in the Far East, who have opportunity to visit our brethren and sisters in Colombo, please contact me at my new address: 1/77 Solomon St., Palmyra 6157, W. Australia.— Alex Gordon”


“Last month we reported the baptism of Mr. R. Indrarathne into the Saving Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It gives us much pleasure to report that Miss Wilma de Livera has also sought refuge through the waters of baptism. Sis. Wilma became a contact about 12 months ago and shortly afterwards came to Australia for a prolonged period as a guest of Bro. and Sis. P. Janssen (Mildura), Bro. and Sis. T. Simons and Bro. and Sis. P. Pickering (Melbourne). After instruction in the way of Truth, Sis. Wilma was immersed on July 8 at Mildura and is returning to join the little flock in Colombo. May our Heavenly Father bless her walk to his Kingdom and glory.— Alex Gordon”


“Colombo. —With much pleasure we report that the Lord has seen fit to bless the work of preaching His Holy Name and purpose in Sri Lanka. Mr. Norbet de Livera and his daughter Miss Neloufer de Livera have put on the saving name of our Lord Jesus Christ in the waters of baptism. Bro. Norbet and Sis. Neloufer are the father and sister of Sis. Wilma de Livera who was baptized last month. Over the past 6 months we have had a concentrated effort in Sri Lanka, with 10 field workers taking part, which has resulted in 4 baptisms. We pray our Heavenly Father will bless our new brethren and sisters in their walk to the Kingdom and their fellowship with those of like precious faith in Colombo.— Alex Gordon”


“Colombo. —We had the pleasure in July of welcoming Bro. Peter and Sis. Yvonne Janssen (Mildura) and their little son Javan. Their visit, shortly after the departure of the brethren and sisters from Perth, further strengthened our fellowship. During their stay they travelled to the outstations to meet the contacts and to preach the Gospel.— Isaac V. Kanagaratnam”



“The work of preaching the truth in Sri Lanka continues despite the escalation of terrorism on the Island. In the six month period ending Sept. 1989, 76 contacts have had personal visits, Bible study and instruction, of which 35–40 have shown keen interest. As a result of baptism into the saving name, there are now 9 brethren and sisters in Sri Lanka. Rental of a room in Colombo provides a meeting place for this little flock, and with the small library that has been established, the brethren and sisters will be able to meet there for study and Bible reading, as well as for the memorial meeting. Various visits have been arranged to help maintain and encourage our brethren and sisters.— D. Owen”


Taree (N.S.W.). —During June our Bro. Ken Harding was welcomed back to our meeting after some 4 to 5 years absence on Bible Mission activities in India and Asia. Whilst in Sri Lanka he married Sis. Rita, a Bible Mission convert to the truth, and a member of the Sri Lankan Ecclesia. Sis. Rita is welcomed as a member of our ecclesia.— Stephen Egginton”



“Bro. Frank and Sis. Ruth Ashforth are in the UK after spending time on mission work with the brethren and sisters in Sri Lanka. We look forward to their safe return.”



“At the present time we have three brethren in Sri Lanka nurturing the small ecclesia there: they are Brethren Frank Ashforth, Walter Ketterer and Kip Wainwright, and we trust the Lord will prosper them in their labours.”


“Since mid-1988 we have been presenting the Gospel each Sunday over the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation Shortwave. These broadcasts are presented on behalf of the ACBM (Victoria) and enquiries are directed to the Bible Mission at Bangalore, India. They are prepared by the Broadcasting Committee of Canterbury Ecclesia’s Publicity Committee, who also sponsor Country radio broadcasting in Victoria. Since we gave our first series in 1985/86 we have received a steady stream of requests for literature including the Bible Correspondence Course in a number of languages. We have been delighted to record the baptism of three brethren and one sister, who came into contact with the Truth through this medium. These are all on the east coast of India.

In view of the evident blessings arising from our broadcasts, we are continuing during 1992 and pray that God may bless our efforts in His service. Our broadcasting time is 8.45 a.m. Colombo time, over the following frequencies—6005 kHz, 9 metre band; 9720 kHz, 31 metre band and 15,425 kHz, 19 metre band.— Ken Quixley”


“Over the past 10 years, members of the Australasian CBM (Western Australia) have been responsible for Bible Mission work in Sri-Lanka. Our efforts have been rewarded in a number having put on the Name in the waters of baptism. There is, however, concern for the future. Due to severe unemployment in Sri-Lanka some converts have left to obtain employment overseas, and a few have fallen by the wayside due to lack of pastoral care. The brethren and sisters who are left find it difficult to meet on a regular basis because of travel difficulties, so they are in isolation. Due to a lack of fieldworkers, it is very difficult to maintain a continuing presence in Sri-Lanka. We would like to draw up a forward planning roster to maintain a fieldworker presence, and to increase the pastoral care available for our isolated brethren and sisters. This cannot be done without available help. Our most urgent appeal, then, is for brethren and sisters to share in this rewarding service. Perhaps those who have retired and are in reasonable health, would like to get involved in mission work and share their retirement in service to their isolated brethren and sisters. Or perhaps there are those who would consider spending their holdiays in Sri-Lanka. It is our constant prayer that our Heavenly Father will answer our prayers and send labourers into His vineyard”



““Bible Truth” Broadcasts over Sri Lanka Shortwave Radio continue each Sunday morning at 8.45 am (Colombo time). Currently we also broadcast each Wednesday morning and continue to have a steady volume of response from listeners. At least 25 listener requests are being received each month. We had hoped to commence for a trial period broadcasts directed to the Middle East: this facility is not yet fully available to us. The costs during 1995 were nearly Aus $18,000, of which $4,800 was received from the ACBM (Vic.); there were donations from ecclesias and brethren and sisters of $10,295, and a balance made up by guarantors who underwrite the annual deficit. The cost of stationery, postage, audio tapes, repairs and replacement of recording equipment is all donated. We are grateful for the generous support given during 1995/96 which has enabled us to meet our commitments. All donations should be made payable to “Bible Truth” and forwarded to the undersigned at 22 Narallah Grove, Box Hill North, Vic. 3129, Australia.— K. G. Quixley”


With much pleasure we report the baptism, on Aug. 29, of Mr. Vernon Fernando. We thank our heavenly Father for the increase. Bro. Vernon was a Bible Mission correspondence contact for the past five years and this, to use his own words, “helped remove the barnacles from my mind of RC teachings and superstition”.— Alex Gordon



“With much pleasure and thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father we report the baptism on Aug. 21 of Mr. Kanaga Sundaram Dhrarmarajan Rajah of Nuwara Eliya. Our new brother was a Hindu who was advised by his father to read the Bible when he was 13 years old, which he has done for the last twenty years. Over those years he was associated with many christian groups with whom he was not completely satisfied and had great difficulty in reconciling Bible teaching and church teaching. Bro. Rajah came into contact with the truth through newspaper advertising last year and did the Bible Correspondence Course. May our Heavenly Father bless him in his walk to the Kingdom.— Alex Gordon”



“With rejoicing and thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father we report another baptism in Sri Lanka. After a good confession of faith Mrs. Pathma Kanaga Sundaram Dhrarmarajan of Nuwara Eliya was baptized into our Lord Jesus Christ on Mar. 11 by Bro. and Sis. Walter Ketterer. Sis. Pathma is the wife of our Bro. K. S. D. Rajah. May God bless our new sister as she walks towards the Kingdom in fellowship with her husband; may the work they do in that part of the Lord’s vineyard be to the glory of His Name.— Alex Gordon


“With much pleasure and rejoicing we report yet another baptism in Sri Lanka. Mrs. Pathma Kanaga Sundaram Dhrarmarajan , wife of Bro. K. S. D. Rajah, was baptized on Mar. 11. May our Heavenly Father bless our new sister as she walks towards the kingdom in sweet fellowship with her husband.— Alex Gordon”


“Bible Truth” broadcasts over Sri Lanka shortwave radio from Colombo are now in their eleventh year. Requests for literature are mostly from India but we learn from correspondents that the broadcasts are also received in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma) and the Persian Gulf—a brother in Dubai confirms that the transmissions can be heard. Ships in the Indian Ocean have picked up broadcasts and applied for booklets. A number of baptisms in India have resulted from earlier broadcasts. There are also encouraging comments from brethren and sisters who find our sessions very helpful as a contact point each week: as the number of brethren and sisters in India has steadily grown, this must be of continuing benefit.— Ken Quixley”



Sri Lankan Bible School to be conducted, Sept. 1–17, at three venues: Negombo, Nuwara Eliya and Mt. Latinia


“The main problem with the mission work in Sri Lanka is the lack of manpower to attend many to the many contacts that need to be followed up. Sri Lanka has not had a lot of publicity in the brotherhood and therefore has not had many brethren go there for mission work”.



Axel Janson, and his daughter Esther Janson vist Sri Lanka.

Tim and Ruth Moore and Paul and Glenda Schipper travelled to Sri Lanka to visit contacts and Tim and Ruth met with Tissa de Abrew which was the first time although he had been studying with Julie Atkinsons for many years and he was baptised 5 months later.

A Correspondence sunday school was run for about 15 years and as a result Sis Aloka was baptised and Yohan is still in contact



Tim, Ruth, Paul, Glenda, Mim and Andy Meakins and  his parents in SL as fieldworkers and encouraging the small flock there.


Tim and Ruth back there supporting the long term fieldworkers who were Ken and Dorothy. Carrie Moore was also in Sri Lanka and we didn’t return till March 2009


Arrival of Bro Rob and sis Rochelle Oosthuizen from New Zealand. They went there with 4 young children and returned with 5, all their own. Rob and Rochelle for some periods of their time did not even have enough local brothers and sisters to regularly have a meeting with the ecclesia. After the effects of the Tsunami at the end of 2004 there started to be a growing interest in the Truth.


Arrival of Bro Tim and Sis Ruth Moore with their family, Emily Jo and Peter Moore. They lived in Sri Lanka from 2007 to the end of 2008 and greatly assisted in establishing the growing Sri Lanka ecclesia based in Negombo.

Anne and Travis Boehm and girls, Simon and Laura, Ben and Jonathon Carder all visited in 2007 to help the ecclesia.  Visits also included Chris Tenielle, Megan, Jonathon Goodwin


Sri Lankan Bible School. Baptisms in the period of 2008 were Anton P, Manuri, Saman and Iroshini. Iroshinis husband (Sri Lankan) has since been baptised as well.


[button link=”/2008/03/19/living-in-sri-lanka/”]Report from Tim Moore in the Lampstand, describing daily experiences of being a fieldworker in Sri Lanka.[/button]


Sri Lankan Bible School.

Bro John and sis Sarah Owen from the UK resided in Sri Lanka for three months to continue the preaching work. The ACBM reported “Bro Peter and sis Yvonne Janssen welcomed the Owens and handed over to them. Their experience showed in that they settled into a difficult job very quickly. It did not take long before they had set up a good rapport with the Local Brothers and Sisters. They also enjoyed the pleasure of 1 baptism towards the end of their stay.

State of the Ecclesia: 16 brethren and sisters, with 5 baptisms. One ecclesia in Negombo, meeting in the hired mission flat.


Sri Lankan Bible School.

1st Sri Lankan Youth Conference (sponsored by WA ACBM)


Sri Lankan Fair


“The 2nd Sri Lankan Youth Conference will be held on November 11-15th, God willing.  Last year’s conference was enjoyed by the young people who attended from Australia, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  It was especially important for the Sri Lankan young people, a handful of young people, living in a society, which although much poorer than our own is every bit as worldly and corrupt in its own way. This year the conference will held at a conference centre about one hour north of Negombo where we recently held the Bible Truth Camp.”

From the Annual ACBM Report: “The work in Sri Lanka has progressed well over the last 12 months. The Taylor family and their children along with brother Frank Ryan and the resident fieldworkers. The number of regular attendees at the memorial and the Sunday School has been very strong. There have been 2 Bible Truth Camps held for interested contacts, the first was attended by 23 and the recent one had 50 people! A Youth Conference was held for approximately 40 young people from Sri Lanka, India Pakistan and Australia. This was a great success. There have been 8 baptisms since last June. Regular first principles instruction classes are being given to 18 interested friends. A Bible School was held again last December and was very well received by the Brethren and Sisters. There are always ongoing issues but in general terms our Heavenly Father has blessed the work.”

State of the Ecclesia: 24 brethren and sisters, with 8 baptisms. One ecclesia in Negombo, meeting in the hired mission flat. Sri Lanka receiving 12% of ACBM annual expenditure, approx. $98,800.



3rd Sri Lankan Youth Conference (sponsored by WA ACBM)

Bro Dane and sis Janelle Linden attended the 3rd Sri Lankan Youth Conference and wrote the following report of his experienced: “It was a delight to head back to Sri Lanka again, this time with Janelle, and be united with the young people at the Youth Conference at beachside Unawatuna Bay. Last November we studied the life of Samson together and this time we had a look at ‘Everyday Spiritual Heroes’, specifically the lives of Jethro, Jehoahaz and Jehoshabeath, Simeon and Anna, Jabez and Abigail … Janelle and I were struck by the simplicity of the conference and how much we all integrated together and felt as one. Afternoon activities tended to be simple bat and ball games at the beach, soccer or volleyball. Night activities included a well organised and uplifting song and praise night and a variety night where some brothers from Perth (Vaughan, Lachlan and Geoff) did different talks. It was really good to meet up with about 8 brothers and sisters from India who made the trip across for the conference and together with the Pakistani’s and an Iranian brother who are seeking refugee status in Sri Lanka, and the 10 or so Perth young people, the conference had a very international feel to it. We love Sri Lanka – the people are happy and helpful, the food is hot and tasty (Janelle had curry for breakfast almost every morning she loved it so much!) and we had a real sense that the young people and brothers and sisters are growing spiritually in often very difficult circumstances. Please keep them in your prayers.”



Local Trials

In August one of the sister in the Negombo ecclesia was arrested after going guarantor for her brother’s loan on which he defaulted.


The annual Sri Lanka Fundraising Fair was held at Heritage College. The Taylors sent the following message to the Perth ecclesias from Sri Lanka: “Sending a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts – to all our dear brothers, sisters and friends in Perth today for the massive effort that you have all put in to support the Sri Lankan ecclesia and us. Thank you for all your time and energy that went into this day – I know what it takes to make the spring fair happen and you all have made it happen once again. We thank god for you all – we are so thankful that we are part of this amazing worldwide family – I know that our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka are also very thankful for your on-going support and love that you have given. May God continue to bless you in all that you do and can’t wait for that day when we will all be together forever.”


Bro Frank Ryan reported “The Sri Lankan Bible School has just concluded yesterday, and was very effective and successful. A good number of interested friends joined with brothers and sisters and many have expressed joy, delight and thanks for the School, for the Word, and for the fraternal company. We were able to bring over from Pakistan, brother Farouk and his wife and four children, and we also brought  brother Salim , to the School. Brother Salim was the man who introduced brother Karl Baloch to the Bible, and subsequently brother Karl introduced brother Salim to the Truth!!! So this was a rather wonderful moment of meeting again for them”



Russell and Margarita Taylor (ES) return to Perth from 3 years in Sri Lanka. Mario and Sis Diana Spina spend time in Negombo supporting the ecclesia


3rd Sri Lankan Youth Conference (sponsored by WA ACBM)

2014 – 2016

Bro Frank Ryan organised regular preaching seminars that involved advertising and support from the Negombo Ecclesia. These seminars were conducted in the South Colombo area and there was interested in the Gospel generated.

2015 – 2017

Annually a Brother’s Weekend and Sister’s Weekend is held. These have proven to be popular events. With speakers from Australia, India and locally supporting developing the presentations.


The Sri Lankan Bible School has been held each Christmas period for almost 10 years. Some of the speakers at the school over the years have been Tim Moore, Rodger Gore, Russell Taylor, Dan Jolly and Greg Hurn. Walter Ketterer who has been involved with Sri Lanka since the 1980s will lead the 2017 Bible School

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