Karnataka Christadelphian Youth

Karnataka Christadelphian Youth is a young people’s weekend hosted by the Bangalore ecclesia every couple of months. It commenced in 2002 at the Mandya ecclesial hall and has, for the last ten years has provided young people from the ecclesias in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu with a regular gathering for friendship, spiritual upbuilding and personal encouragement. At present young people from Vellore, Madurai, Chennai, Bhadravathi and Hyderabad are also making their presence felt. Young people who travel to India from different parts of the world also became active participants contributing towards the success of the gathering.

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What does KCY offer…

A KCY typically begins at 2:00 PM on Saturday and concludes on Sunday at 3:00 PM. The activities in KCY generally comprises of 2 main studies based on the theme usually suggested by the speaker or the organisers, music and praise, some team activities, games and prayer groups on Saturday followed by either a workshop, quiz or debate on the following day besides the memorial meeting where the exhort is again given by the KCY speaker himself, in conjunction with the KCY theme. We’ve also had outing to places such as the ‘Bible Society’, Daniel’s Den, the nearby park, Lumbini Gardens etc. as part of the KCY program.

Accommodation is available for visitors


Andrew Albert[email protected], +91 99 8648 7684

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