Jayanthi Rehabilitation Centre

The Jayanthi Rehabilitation Centre home is independent of the ACBM.

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Jayanthi Rehabilitation Center is a very small village for the housing, care and rehabilitation of lepers. A site of more than 5 acres of land was purchased in Sept 1996, and building began shortly after that.

The location is about 43 Km north of Hyderabad. Near the village of Dasarlapally. It is a lovely place with a backdrop of huge boulders on a ridge forming the southern boundary. These boulders also house many monkeys which are a threat to fruit trees and some garden plants.

Buildings consist of a guesthouse, supervisors residence, a doctors consulting rooms, a kitchen, a meeting room, 8 twin cottages and a generator and store room..Electricity and telephone are connected, but electricity supply is rather intermittent. Water is pumped from a borewell and there is a sewerage system.

Bible reading, prayers and singing, together with a monthly Memorial Meeting supported by Hyderabad Ecclesia take place in the Meeting Room. The supervisor is young Christadelphian and he lives on the site.

The property contains many beautiful trees and well cultivated vegetable and flower gardens.

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