Fiji update October ’21

The role of the ACBM is to support the spiritual and physical welfare of our brethren, sisters and youth through COVID-19 and beyond. Until recently the ecclesia in Fiji have been doing an amazing job of maintaining its members welfare, however they have all but exhausted their ability to do so going forward. The ACBM, in consultation with local serving brethren, has sent monetary welfare to be distributed as the ecclesia sees the need to their members.
The island nation had the COVID situation well under control using strict international travel bans and isolated lockdowns until February/March. The delta strain then hit hard and Fiji went into severe national lockdown that had a sustained severe impact on brethren and sisters that have a subsistence cultural approach to life. Many brethren and sisters lost incomes , transport was not available, getting to medical facilities became difficult , the price of food increased, the availability of food decreased and the anxiety of lockdowns on a close knit, family orientated was acutely felt by many.

2018 Annual Update for Fiji

Our Heavenly Father continues to bless this corner of his vineyard, the ecclesia in Fiji is well established, mature in many ways and welcomes regular visits from both old friends and new fieldworkers. The Fijian young people hosted the South Pacific youth conference (SPYC) in December /January 2017/18 in which 15 senior young people from…

Cyclone Winston wreaks havoc in Fiji

What began as a tropical depression on 7 February turned into the second strongest severe tropical cyclone recorded in the world (the strongest ever recorded was super typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines in 2013). Gaining strength, severe tropical cyclone Winston became a Category 5 with winds of over 217 mph (350 kph) and made…