Pakistan continues to make world news as a country that harbours terrorists and violates human rights. But inside its dark exterior, the light of the gospel continues to shine brightly as our Brothers and Sisters actively preach the gospel. Those who have visited Pakistan in the past 12 months speak of the wonderful fellowship extended to them and of how our brothers and sisters continue to reach out to those around them. Brethren who have travelled to the annual two Bible Weeks held over the summer for the Punjab and Sindh regions report how the weather and scenery in the hill stations were enjoyed by all attendees. As an illustration of the depth of local involvement at a Pakistani Bible Week, 21 of the 28 duties for brethren were performed by the local Pakistani members on the last occasion.

The dedication of our brothers and sisters and young people is inspiring. The daily routine of one young recently baptised member is to rise at 4.30am to do the readings with his extended family and have his breakfast by 7 am. Then it’s off to work. At 4 pm he leads a Sunday School/first principles study for 40 people. It’s then time for dinner before heading off to bed around 9-9.30pm. He is also tutoring 13 friends for baptism.

The preaching work goes forward assisted in part by Australian brethren conducting weekly first principle and Bible classes over Skype. May God continue to bless the growth of the seed in this part of the world.