Work in Tonga given a boost

Mission work in Tonga has commenced its eleventh year and with this new year we are excited and very thankful to our heavenly Father that Bro. Alan and Sis. Maureen Struckman have a VSA placement in Tonga for two years having commenced in January 2012. This extended stay will enable them, on behalf of the ACBM and the Tonga working team in Christchurch, to provide a stable ecclesial environment for our Brothers and Sisters in Tonga. We currently have nine ecclesial members in Tonga including Bro and Sis Struckman and there are also nine children. As a result of this VSA placement our Bro and Sister Struckman have been blessed with a home on the main island of Tongatapu and would welcome visitors who could assist in the mission work in Tonga. The ACBM has financed a Toyota van which is currently on its way to Tonga from New Zealand. If you are interested in visiting Tonga and would like to help in the work could you please contact the secretary of the working team Bro. Warren Shapcott email ([email protected])

By God’s Grace

By the grace of our Loving Heavenly Father our Sis Chien of Vietnam has made a remarkable recovery from major brain surgery to remove a tumour. For further information go to the website listed below.

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