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Third class passenger

19 April 2016

Having travelled to Sri Lanka several times between 1987 and 1998, I thought it was time to go again. There have been quite a few changes since my last visit. The civil war which had crippled the country for 30 years had ceased and reconstruction was well underway. And there […]

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Launch of the Christadelphian Refugee Guild

23 May 2014

On 10 March, 2014 at the Farsi Bible School in Sri Lanka Bro Tim Galbraith and Ken and Dorothy Chalmers inaugurated the official website of The Christadelphian Refugee Guild (www.crguild.org) The CRG has been an idea of many Refugee brethren to maximize their efforts and talents during their time of exile […]

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Reports from Sri Lanka (1985 – 2013)

9 October 2013

1985 September Bro Harry Jones from Yokine reporting “Our work of preaching the Gospel in Sri Lanka is making excellent progress: almost 200 contacts have been made and over 20 of these are now receiving the Bible Study course. Arrangements are now almost complete for our Bro. and Sis. Alex […]

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Baptisms in Sri Lanka

19 December 2011

Nov to Dec 2011 Recent Baptisms Since our last report (12 October 2011) there have been five baptisms in Sri Lanka. On 23 October Bro Nalaka De Silva, who we mentioned in our last report was baptised. Nalaka was followed on 30 November by Bro James B., then on 6 […]

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Sri Lankan Report

19 October 2011

June to Oct 2011 The Taylor family, Bro Russell, Sis Margueritia, and their four children, Mac, Asha, India and Sahara, and Sis Margueritia’s father, Bro Fran Ryan, have been in Sri Lanka since December 2009. The Negombo Ecclesia is the only ecclesia in Sri Lanka. It has 26 Sri Lankan […]

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Living in Sri Lanka

19 March 2008

Living here is a daily challenge in many ways, because the country has been torn apart by civil war for over 20 years; the tsunami of 2004 added to the desperate plight of the people. Inflation is very high; in 2007 the cost of living increased by nearly 17%; interest […]

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