Nepal, July Update

Nepal is often referred to as the melting pot of Asia, wedged between India and China with its influences from Hinduism and Buddhism, Nepal is a vibrant and colourful place. Its capital Kathmandu rests in a valley and the city is a blend of old and new. The old with ancient buildings and narrow laneways to the new part of the city with wide roads and new buildings that don’t quite fit in with the views of the Himalayas to its north. It is here that there are two ecclesias. Since the first baptisms in 1996 the truth has grown with a total of 96 Brother and Sisters, the last year has seen 16 baptisms. Some of these have been the young people who have grown up learning the truth. Nepal is also one of the poorest countries in South Asia, with many of the Brothers and Sisters travelling outside Nepal to find work to support their families . The Brothers and Sisters in Nepal love to have visitors come and share fellowship and the Word of God with them. Everyday there is a meeting at the ecclesial hall or in one of the homes of the Brothers and Sisters. Recently they have enjoyed the company of Brothers and Sisters from Australia, UK and New Zealand.

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