Mongolia Update, October 2010

Mongolia emerged from Russian domination 20 years ago. It is a very impoverished nation. Half its population of 2.3 million live in the capital Ulaanbaatar. Life is very challenging with long working hours and low incomes. Winters last for six months of the year and are perishingly severe with night temperatures as low as -40 C warming to -20 C by day. The little ecclesia has been in existence for ten years in this very isolated land about the size of Victoria, squeezed between Russia and China. There are currently four members, Bro Andrew and Sis Mona Turner, Bro Puuje and Bro Erdenebat. Bro Andrew and Sis Mona have two children, Tod and Mishelle. Mission visits are made annually., but apart from this ecclesial visitors are very rare.

Regular Sunday meetings are held in the small one bedroom mission funded flat on the eighth floor of an apartment block at the western end of the city. Regular classes for friends are also conducted in the flat. Bibles are available in the Mongolian language and the primary teaching notes are Exploring the Bible which has been translated into Mongolian. Anyone interested in visiting the brothers and sisters there should please contact – Bro Garnet Alchin < [email protected] >.

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