“Go Ye into all the World”


Ten years have passed since we lived in Bangladesh. Since that time we have made shorter visits, but this  time it was very noticeable how much had developed  in the ecclesia since our first trip. We rejoiced in  seeing those whom we taught in Sunday School when they were children, now baptised and teaching the Bible study and children’s classes themselves and with great enthusiasm! There are a number of keen brothers and sisters who are trying to spread the word to their remote villages. Some are studying in isolation, needing many hours in a crazy bus to reach the Dhaka ecclesia for fellowship.

There’s hope for a new ecclesial premises to be rented soon in Savar, an area which now has 7 brothers and sisters, and none when we first visited. The increased spiritual maturity and shouldering of responsibility was also evident. It’s truly a blessing from God that even in a land where there is darkness all around, the candle is burning and lighting the way. Our girls enjoyed many opportunities to play with the local children – and despite the language barrier they invented all sorts of games which didn’t need words – the laughter was often deafening!

There are over 16 million in 10 miles x 5 miles in Dhaka city. There doesn’t seem any solution to this problem, other than the return of our Lord, when these people can finally spill across man-made borders and live in a healthy new world. It made us really appreciate how we are powerless to solve these issues – and only God, with His mighty power and infinite wisdom can make this world Eden again. We loved our trip, and are especially thankful for the warmth of the love of our brothers and sisters in Bangladesh who looked after us so well, and for the overshadowing care on us and our children by  Yahweh. Anyone who would be able to travel to Bangladesh and help with giving the ecclesia a boost and also preaching in the beautiful country villages please let us know, there’s quite a few gaps in the fieldworker plan for this year.

– Jonathan and Deb Nicholls

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