ACBM Bulletin – Hall Building Fundraising Appeal for Chabahil Ecclesia, Nepal

Download the ACBM eNews – 15 April 2018

Chabahil, Nepal – An ecclesia seeking help from the worldwide brotherhood

The Truth in Nepal continues to grow at an exceptionally strong rate and the Chabahil Ecclesia, current numbering 90 with 22 Sunday School children has well out grown its current L shaped hall where brethren are sittng at the edge of the platform and sometimes are seated outside. For further detail refer Chabahil’s Appeal Letter.

With the strong Hindu influence in Nepal, they are unable to rent and land is very expensive. They are therefore appealing for assistance. The total cost of the project is US$350,000 and they are seeking some US$300,000.

Donatons can be made via eft marked “Nepal Appeal” and if you would like a receipt please email the Victorian Treasurer at [email protected] or if in New Zealand to the NZ Treasurer at [email protected].

For more information, download the ACBM eNews Bulletin.

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