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Indonesia Update Aug 2021

As you may be aware, Indonesia has recently been significantly hit with a new wave of COVID cases. Our brothers and sisters in Solo and Jakarta have been impacted, with a number contracting COVID and many more out of work due to lockdowns. We are glad that some are recovering …

Indonesia Update Aug 2021

Philippines: Isabela Ecclesia work

The Isabela Ecclesia in the Philippines have been busy working on their hall over recent weeks. Due to low numbers of Covid cases in that part of the country they are still able to meet in the hall and preach in the local area.

Philippines : Exhorts via zoom

Some ecclesias in the Philippines are still able to meet together depending on the COVID restrictions in their area but are not able to invite visiting speakers from other ecclesias. Last Sunday several ecclesias arranged for a visiting speaker to exhort via zoom.


On April 5 and 6 East Timor was hit by the most severe flooding the country had experienced in over 50 years. Many homes flooded or destroyed by landslides and the ACBM provided support to some of our brothers and sisters whose homes had been flooded or damaged.

Sunday School restarts in Bayambang Philippines

The Bayambang Ecclesia in the Philippines has recently been able to restart several of their Sunday Schools due to changes in Covid-19 restrictions in their area. This picture is if students in the Bani Sunday School. Other parts of the Philippines are experiencing much higher numbers of cases and ecclesial activities can only happen online. Please remember our brothers and sisters in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world in your prayers.

Baptisms in Santa Barbara Philippines

Today was a special day for the Santa Barbara Ecclesia in the Philippines with the baptism of sisters Jannah and Maricel. There have not been many Covid cases in the area and so the whole ecclesia were able to join together for the baptisms

Baptisms in Philippines

We’re very pleased to hear of the baptism of Sis. Jenebeth and Bro. Jepthah who were baptised in the Cagayan de Oro Ecclesia in the Philippines today

Food Deliveries in Timor

Brothers and sisters organising the delivery of food to a community in East Timor that has been cut off by flood waters

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