Thailand May’20

Our brothers and sisters in Thailand and Myanmar have certainly been impacted, enduring the same fears and uncertainty and the same drastic, government antiviral measures as many others on this febrile planet of ours.

In Chiang Mai, the Bible Education Centre was vacated in the middle of March as fieldworkers made a premature return to Australia.

2019 Update for Thailand

The Bible Education Centre (BEC) in Chiang Mai is a central feature of our activities in Thailand. The BEC is the home, teaching and resource centre and is the base for fieldworkers who operate the centre year-round. The BEC is conveniently located near the centre of Chiang Mai and has …

Sharing the word in Thailand

I remember the conversation well – so well, that it has been burned into my memory as one of those moments I will never forget. We had only been at the Bible Education Centre (BEC) in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, for two months of our proposed one year sojourn to …

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