ACBM April Bulletin, 2012

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Mongolia is a landlocked country bounded by Russia in the north and China in the south. It covers an area twice the size of NSW but with a population of just 2.7 million is the world’s most sparsely populated nation. There is an ecclesia of four in the capital Ulaanbaatar which meets regularly in a small flat rented by the ACBM. Preaching is generally by word of mouth and a number of friends continue to show interest.

In August last year the Mongolian brothers and sister along with three friends joined together for a Weekend Bible Camp in the Terelj National Park about 60 km northeast of Ulaanbaatar. Studies focused on preparing for Christ’s return. August is late Summer in Mongolia and the weather is warm and pleasant and the wild flowers are out in abundance. By contrast Winter is long and bitter with daily temperatures rarely reaching -18 C! Our brothers and sister are challenged by the harsh climate and long working hours in a nation still emerging from 70 years of Russian domination. However they are always pleased to welcome visitors.

Visit an Exotic Place… and PREACH

Papua New Guinea

A team of five field workers visited PNG in Dec/Jan. Initially three of us visited the small ecclesia in Lae where we were able to conduct some Bible studies, particularly with Bro Joachim and Sis Angelbert Ambia. Bre Joachim and Pesir Takos from Lae came to the Bible School in Arawa, Bougainville where Bro Joachim assisted with Gospel Proclamation work, along with local brethren Tony Dumea and Nicholas Temea. The main studies considered the life of Christ, and themes from Jeremiah; while the children, teenagers, and interested friends had separate sessions. Bro Chris Asiop was the secretary for the School, and successfully kept the program on track. Bro James Baani managed to find the necessary ingredients for our lunches each day, despite a temporary lack of flour in town.

At Alotau four seminars were held and attended by 14 interested friends, many of whom registered for the Bible Correspondence Course. One or two of the interested friends had attended previous seminars. The “Let the Bible Speak” radio programs are well known in the area, and popular with the radio stations. They consistently receive phone calls from their listeners expressing interest in the content of the programs.

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