ACBM 2013 Refugee Appeal

We have launched a further appeal to assist our brethren and sisters who have suffered severe persecution in their own country because they have stood firm for the Truth. Some of these brethren and sisters have been able to flee their homeland and are now in another country seeking recognition as refugees by the UNHCR. Our appeal last year raised some $55,000 for the ACBM Refugee Fund, however at that point we had already expended some $40,000 on evacuation and support for a family of five from Pakistan. This support is continuing and our fund will be totally depleted in the next few months.

Further pressure is building in a number of countries and we need to be in a position to respond immediately to the needs of our brethren as they arise. The process of recognition as a refugee and resettlement usually takes several years and we have a responsibility to provide them with basic food and accommodation during this period. Whilst they are very willing to work and provide for themselves in most cases they are not permitted to do so. We ask that you give careful consideration to making a donation to this Appeal.

ACBM Refugee Appeal Form (Australia)

ACBM Refugee Appeal Form (New Zealand)

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