The Solomon Islands hvs a population of nearly 600.000, living on about 350 different islands. About 97% of the population are Christian and they generally respect, and will talk about the Bible. Travel between islands is difficult so most fieldworker visits are restricted to the capital Honiara with its population of about 70,000, and the island of Malaita. A 20 minute radio program “Let the Bible Speak” is broadcast over the Solomon Islands on Sunday nights as a way of preaching. Contacts are followed up through a Bible Correspondence Course and there are at present about 70 people doing the Course. Fieldworkers are required to follow up these contacts and to visit the local brethren. While there are about 70 local languages, the common language of the country is Pidgin; English is generally understood.

Since the first baptism in 1998 the numbers of baptised have steadily increased and there are now 5 brethren and 3 sisters in Honiara, 2 brethren and 3 sisters at Fote Village, and 2 brethren in nearby Bio Village. One brother lives in extreme isolation on Reef Islands and another is at present studying in PNG. We attempt to hold a fraternal gathering each year to give the local brethren and sisters an opportunity to meet together.