The very first thing to acknowledge is the wonderful support from many ecclesias in NSW and the Sydney CYC for their very generous financial donations for the work in the Philippines.
The highlights during this past year were two Family Fraternals (just like Bible Schools), one held in Mindanao (Northern Philippines) and the other in Luzon (Southern Philippines) and the Philippines CYC weekend.

Family Fraternals

These provide very important spiritual and social opportunities for the Filipinos and are thoroughly enjoyed. Often this is the only opportunity some have of meeting brothers and sisters from other Philippines Ecclesias.

In December 2018, around 500, including children, attended these gatherings . There were study sessions by visiting and local speakers and Sunday School activities for the children. At the Mindanao gathering the subject of the “Beatitudes” was led by Bro. David McClure and studies were also given by Bro Julius Bumadilla highlighting Bible characters where the Beatitudes are shown in practice. At the Luzon gathering the subject of “Ezra – Stirring up a people” was covered by Bro. James McCann as well as local brothers giving talks about various Bible characters. During the Luzon fraternal workshops covering Sunday School work, preaching methods, Bible classes and family daily Bible readings were held . A special evening session was held on “Developing a Spiritual Mind in a Technological World.”

CYC Weekend

A CYC study weekend was held in April 2019 at the Bugallon ecclesial hall where 106 young people heard studies on “Philippians – Focusing on the Goal” by Bro. Kent Wilson. The amenities at Bugallon have been upgraded to cater for young people to hold CYC weekends there.