The ACBM, per medium of Skype, continues to provide exhortations for Memorial Meetings each Sunday, a Bible Class on Thursday evenings and a First Principles class on Sunday evenings. The Bible class is run by a group of Chinese brethren in Australia and links up with many throughout China. It provides a wonderful opportunity for our Chinese speaking brothers and sisters to not only study the word together but also fraternise if only on line.

We have been blessed with 2 baptisms this year, both outcomes of the First Principles class. Our new brother and sister are now very involved. it is something that has brought a lot of encouragement to this small ecclesia. There has also been a wedding, which was a very happy occasion and enjoyed by everyone. Earlier this year we commenced using Google Adwords in the Taipei area to advertise the Exploring the Bible course to those who speak English. This is managed from Australia and there are 4 students now enrolled.

Five brothers and sisters have been involved in field trips throughout the year. Once again, a Bible School was held in April with 40 participants, 12 of whom were interested friends. Seven children were kept very busy with Bible activities during the adult study sessions. In the closing session all of our friends expressed their amazement at what they had learned and the power of Bible teaching.