2019 Update for Cambodia

By God’s blessing we have continued to have an active and exciting presence in Cambodia for the last year. We are blessed to still have 4 main centers of activity, Siem Reap in the far North, Phnom Penh in the center along with Kampong Speu and Sihanoukville in the South. Each of these areas have an ecclesia and Sunday school and all have a Bible Education Center (BEC) apart from Kampong Speu.

The largest ecclesia is in Phnom Penh where we have, in the last few months, had to move our BEC to a new premises. The BECs continue to partner with other groups for the betterment of Cambodia, both through preaching the gospel and doing acts of charity. One of these projects is the Bethezer dorms in the capital which houses students from rural areas while they study. BEC fieldworkers visit and give bible lessons.

In Siem Reap, plans are underway for the construction of an ecclesial hall and bible education center by the Siem Reap hall project team. Land has already been purchased for this purpose. God willing once the funds have completely been raised a hall will be built at the start of next year on the ecclesial land. Having an owned building will allow the local brothers and sisters to be less reliant on funding from overseas.

In Kampong Speu there were 5 baptisms at the Christadelphian Cambodia Sustainability Project (CSP) this year. The project is also used as a base for Gospel extension and charity works in a very poor rural community. Fieldworkers go to the CSP to preach and meet with the small ecclesia there.

We always are in need for more field workers in Cambodia. We have many students waiting for lessons. Please consider a stay, if you can, to further God’s great and exciting work happening in Cambodia.

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