The Truth continues to grow in Sri Lanka. The Gospel is preached regularly and in the last 12 months there have been six baptisms. The Negombo ecclesia is a multicultural meeting as they receive the benefit of fellowship from the Christadelphian refugees, mainly from Pakistan, who meet regularly with them. Some refugees have been resettled in Western countries over the last 12 months.

An area in which the ecclesia has shown development in recent years has been the administration of its own welfare matters. Members are encouraged to take their welfare needs to the Arranging Brethren. This arrangement has worked well with the WA ACBM providing additional resources as necessary. A major issue this year was when one of the long standing members required heart surgery.

The ecclesia is providing ongoing support as our Sister recovers. We do ask that visitors to Sri Lanka provide any welfare support only via the Negombo Welfare Fund administered by the local Arranging Brethren and not directly as a private donation, well-meaning as that may be.

The Negombo ecclesia is blessed with regular visits from brothers and sisters from Australia, New Zealand and several from India. The ecclesia has developed to the stage where they no longer have long term fieldworkers residing, but benefit from the pastoral work of visiting brothers and sisters. The annual Bible School, held each December holiday period, is an ideal time to visit both weather wise and because most ecclesial members are in attendance there. Despite the not so buoyant WA economy the Mission has continued to support an Annual Bible School, Sisters’ and Brothers’ Weekends, Gospel work and monthly Poya Days (monthly Buddhist holiday) when the ecclesia meets for studies and fellowship.

Visitors to the Negombo Ecclesia in Sri Lanka are most welcome and are encouraged. As a courtesy, we ask that visit intentions be coordinated with either Bro Anton the Recorder of the Negombo Ecclesia or with the WA ACBM