2017 Annual Update for Nepal

High in the foothills of the Himalayan Ranges, landlocked between its giant neighbours India and China, our brothers and sisters continue as lights shining the Gospel message in Nepal. This year there have been seven baptisms as the ecclesias continue to preach to their families and those around them.

The ecclesias in Kathmandu hold an annual Bible week at the end of September. The week was well attended in 2016 by the local ecclesias with support from a large group of Australian brothers and sisters. The week included several sets of studies, skits, music and a picnic to the Godavari National Park.

The rural ecclesias in Nepal continue to receive regular support in their preaching efforts from the two larger and more established ecclesias in Kathmandu. On one of these visits brothers, Kul and Tilak suffered serious injuries when a truck hit their motorbike. While they are both recovering the process has been long and complicated with numerous operations.

The lack affordable, quality medical facilities is an ongoing concern for those living in Nepal and the ecclesias are constantly challenged in caring for aged and sick members.

Nepal continues to recover from the 2015 earthquakes with many people still living in compromised situations. In this struggling economy, recent floods have washed out large parts of Nepal’s limited farming land, pushing the cost of day to day food items higher and bringing new pressures on our brothers and sisters.

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