2017 Annual Update for Indonesia

In a predominantly Muslim country, word-of-mouth and personal witness are the primary means to promote God’s Word in Indonesia. Exciting personal initiatives include the presentation of seminars to small groups and a program helping homeless people. This quiet perseverance under challenging circumstances is a great example to us!
In the capital city, a tiny but dedicated ecclesia shines God’s light clearly at its regular meetings amongst the 11 million of Jakarta. If you are visiting Jakarta, they would love to hear from you.

Solo Ecclesia, in Central Java, is a much larger ecclesia and conducts a full range of activities, including Sunday School, youth events, and a sisters’ class. Attendance at the sisters’ class is excellent and is a great support particularly for the widows and single sisters in the group.

Highlights of the Solo calendar are a Study Day in January when around 60 join together from the Ecclesia with visitors for a full but exciting day in Bible learning and fellowship. Do your study days start at 7 am?!

Mid-year, the annual Study Week comprises four evening studies at the Solo hall followed by a live in weekend in the beautiful hills not too far out of the city. The local brothers present the studies based on pre-prepared notes and there is always stimulating discussion. The weekend away includes an outing to a local tourist destination, excellent and entertaining games activities, a concert with some incredibly diverse items and gatherings around a charcoal burner after the evening session with corn cobs, satay sticks, and marshmallows to toast.

These are group efforts strongly favoured by Indonesian culture! Communal functions follow the ‘gotong royong’ principle – the whole community gets involved!!! The sum of all parts working together is greater than each working separately.

If you can visit, you will enjoy their dedication to understand God’s word, their passion and enthusiasm to praise God in music and singing items, and their innovative dramatic presentations of Bible principles. You will take home much more than you give. There is a particular need for young people to spend time with the vibrant youth group who particularly feel their isolation in such a densely populated country.

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