This update is from the ACBM Annual Report for 2017

The work in this area started in 1978 and we have been blessed today to have around 1350 brothers and sisters in 53 ecclesias. Most ecclesias have an active Sunday School and do their own preaching in the local language, and many run Fraternals and Study weekends.

Combined activities are held at the C3 centre in Hyderabad and these include: January Bible Week (250 attending); Telugu Bible Week in September/October (300-350 attending); Hyderabad Sisters’ Conference (100 attending); CYC Camp (60-100 attending), End of Year Camp (at Moinabad) (150 attending), It is to be noted that all ecclesias in this area use only Telugu language for their service, except Hyderabad where a mix of languages means English and local languages are used.