2015 Report for This is Your Bible Website

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The TIYB website continues to be the principal preaching website used by ecclesias and individual brothers and sisters around the world. The site is supported and run by the Bible Missions in the United Kingdom, North America and Australia/New Zealand and provides an accessible and easy to use preaching tool.

Key features of TIYB include a selection of online Bible courses and the student management system which automatically assigns new students to registered tutors who assist the students with their studies. This system works well on a global basis – just this year a student in North America who was tutored by a brother in New Zealand was baptised – however, it is most effective when managed on a more local level, accompanied by local advertising.
The TIYB student management system allows for ecclesias to manage and tutor students in their areas, or in the case of Bible Mission operations it allows students to be managed on a country by country basis. Used well, TIYB can become a tool which provides ecclesias or preaching committees exclusive control of online preaching and follow up in their areas of operation.

Alternatively, TIYB provides individual brothers and sisters an opportunity to assist students around the world to further their understanding of the Gospel message.

Common negative feedback about TIYB touches on issues like the complexity of the site, or the infrequency of new students. Like any site with complex components, ease of use requires initial investment of time followed by regular use to maintain familiarity. The lack of students may be related to an unfamiliarity of how the system works and how tutors manage their own student allocation. All such issues can be addressed through the ‘Technical Support’ facility on the site.

There were 6 baptisms of TIYB students in 2014 around the world. The statistics that follow give some idea of the reach of TIYB, something that can grow enormously.

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