Virtual Study Weekend – Philippines

The virtual study weekend in the Philippines was successfully held last October 30 to November 1, 2020. The event focused on the themes of first letters of Paul to Timothy. It was attended mostly by our young brethren and sisters nationwide and few brethren from overseas.

It was a well-attended event. An average of 68 accounts zoomed in with multiple audience per account. An estimate of 120 brethren and sisters joined in. Everyone was very eager to participate to such occasion under an unusual manner. Everyone was happy to see each other and get acquainted again even just through their screens.

The theme during the weekend was the book of 1 Timothy. Brethren David Baird (Cabramatta ecclesia), Joey Gimeno (Laguna ecclesia), Jethro Jimeno (Laguna ecclesia) and Dom Soriano (Cagayan De Oro ecclesia) led the studies. In the first session, Bro. David discussed the importance of the sound doctrine and the challenges Timothy faced during his time to defend the truth. In the second session, Bro Joey considered the roles of brothers and sisters in the ecclesia. That brothers should lead the ecclesia and sisters should adorn themselves with modest apparel professing godliness. In the third session, Bro. Jethro delivered a study on Godliness with contentment.  That we should be content and not be burdened by the care of the world. In the last session, Bro Dom shared an encouraging study on Fighting the good fight. He discussed about the warfare we are in as believers and that we should equip ourselves with garments of good soldiers of Christ.

The virtual study weekend reminded us to keep the faith and to defend it at all times like Paul and Timothy did. We should be responsible shepherds of our sheep even at a young age. We should continue to learn the truth and preserve its purity. We are in a warfare against the thinking of the flesh. And we are indeed soldiers of Christ against sin. An event like this is very essential to keep the fellowship we have despite the current restrictions. We need constant reminder and encouragement to keep our faith strong until the end.

Indeed, Covid 19 has affected every one of us and has changed the way we do our activities. It may have hindered most of us to meet together but the need for God’s word remains the same, or even greater. Let us therefore, fight the good fight with all our might until our Lord’s return to end the problems that envelop the world around us. Our Lord Jesus Christ’s return will be the day of refreshment.


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