Sri Lanka Refugee Update

Comparing previous year’s “hide & seek” problem with Sri Lankan Immigration Police which resulted in the deportation of many Pakistanis, 2015-16 has been a very peaceful year in terms of immigration problems for refugees in Sri Lanka. This worldly peace has provided an opportunity for our refugee brethren to preach the good news of our coming King, the Prince of Peace, among other refugees in Sri Lanka. A monthly refugee family “get together” provides a time of meditation on His word and fellowship with one another. This program has turned to be a preaching seminar to which new people can be invited. Some Pakistani refugee families who joined our studies in 2013-2014, faithfully continued with first principles and baptism instruction. After making a good confession of faith, ten were baptised in March at end of the Refugee Bible School.

Following the resettlement of seven baptized refugee brothers and sisters in USA/ Canada, 16 brothers and sisters plus 10 children remain in Sri Lanka. Considering the needs of these Urdu speaking refugee brothers and sisters and children, an Urdu Memorial Meeting commenced in May 2016 with Senior and Junior Sunday Schools. Refugee brethren organize their activities through the CRG platform (Christadelphian Refugee Guild). Besides regularweekly Bible Classes for refugee brothers and sisters and young people, there are weekly regular Bible Classes for contacts. Resettlement Plans. We often receive very encouraging reports about our former “refugee” brothers and sisters who are now resettled in their new countries. They are actively involved contributors to their new ecclesial environments. We anticipate that two more families will be resettled by the end of this calendar year and we need your prayers on behalf of the remaining brothers and sisters who are awaiting the granting of refugee status by the UNHCR.

Sri Lanka As refugees are not legally allowed to work or seek employment, financial support is provided through various means, including the ACBM. Should you wish to contribute towards this work, please contact the ACBM National Treasurer, Bro David Seaman – [email protected]

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