A P2P Case Study – Cook Islands

January 2003

The Cook Islands are fifteen individual islands in Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean. The total land mass of all islands is only approximately 250 square kilometres, yet the territory of the Cook Islands covers an area approximately the size of India. The people are Maori and the majority are members of the Cook Islands Christian Church (CICC), although most major religions are represented there.

Preaching by the ACBM has been occurring in the Cook Islands in earnest since 1998. In the period 1998-2002 some 150 contacts were undertaking correspondence courses, although only approximately 20 with any real vigour.

To coincide with the end of the P2P course in December 2002, a trip to the main island of Rarotonga was planned for January 2003. Eleven P2P brothers and sisters committed themselves to the trip, their ages ranging from 17 to 31. The aim of the trip was twofold:

  1. To support and have fellowship with the only brother in the Cook Islands—Brother Mata Remuera—who was baptized in November 2001.
  2. 2. To doorknock the entire island of 9,000 inhabitants over a two-week period.

At the conclusion of the two weeks in Rarotonga the P2P team had gathered 311 names of new contacts. This was a most exciting response, particularly given the previous total number of 150 for the period 1998-2002. The value of the tuition provided by the P2P programme was evident throughout the two weeks. The team displayed greater confidence than many “fresh” fieldworkers and were clearly motivated to talk to people about the Gospel to the best of their ability, confident that the message of truth would be a light that would shine irrespective of challenges.

Of course, it is difficult to measure “success” in the mission field. Is it the number of requests for correspondence or leaflets? Is it the number of leaflets handed out? Is it the number of baptisms? Is it the geographical area covered? We do not really know. But we are able to measure the impact of being personally involved in undertaking such responsibilities. So we thank our Father who has allowed P2P to become a reality, and who has given many the opportunity of seeing the clarity of the Gospel and its undeniable truth, as it has been taken from door to door in a new environment. We feel blessed that P2P has been the impetus for more people to go preaching, and we can only pray that this will lead to more people who have an “ear to hear” responding to the Gospel message. We thank God for answered prayer and seek His guidance, correction and direction for the future P2P trips, and for preaching in the Cook Islands and throughout His world.

 – Adam Byrnes, The Christadelphian (2003)

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