September eNews – Vanuatu: South Pacific Youth Conference

Vanuatu has successfully hosted the 5th South Pacific Youth Conference (SPYC) in Port Vila. It was an enjoyable week around the theme of “Lessons from our Master”. Bro Josh Kempster led the studies and really brought out the need to develop the mind of Christ in our lives as we look at the parables of Jesus.

Around 70 young people from Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Fiji, and Australia attended – an amazing opportunity for the young people to be able to attend a SPYC after such a long time due to COVID-19. We were truly blessed by our God that the Youth Conference ran so smoothly.

8 young people from Solomon Islands were looking unlikely to attend due to passport office complications. After many prayers were given, they were answered 3 days prior to when they were to leave, and they received their passports in time.

Discussion groups followed every study to work through the workbook. This led to some great discussions about the parables of our Lord and how we can see those same parables in aspects of our own lives. Activities were held in the afternoon and lots of swimming for everyone. Evening sessions were on different subjects such as God’s Creation, Prayer, Youth Questions, and a very entertaining and enjoyable drama night which involved creating plays and skits on some of the parables of Jesus Christ.

A beautiful song and praise night was put together and enjoyed by everyone. This was followed by farewell songs and a traditional dance by the youth of Vanuatu which was great to see.

The memories and friendships that were created will last forever. It is so important that young people in the Pacific have an opportunity to spend time together, as they look to make lifelong commitments to their God.

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