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We are all living in an unprecedented time brought by the pandemic. Covid-19 has changed our routines and to many, their ways of living. Borders are closed and governments are occupied in dealing with the effects of the situation. We are isolated and we do things differently. We are restricted to join mass gatherings. And this include meeting our brothers and sisters in the ecclesial hall for Bible studies and memorial services. The usual fellowship we have is not possible in the current climate. Many things around us have changed, but our need for God’s word remains the same.

This challenge may have limited us to meet face to face, but with the help of technology, ecclesias around the world manage to adapt by meeting virtually using online applications such as Zoom. It could not replace the fellowship we have during personal meetings, but it is definitely helpful during this trying time. It is amazing how we are able cope in this new setting to continue our service to our God Almighty.

Different types of quarantine restrictions are in place in different places in the Philippines. There are few ecclesias that are now able to meet, but there are still a number of ecclesias that are still restricted to gather together. This post a challenge to the Christadelphian community in the country. Bro. Warren Wetherton came up with the idea of virtual Bible reading with the Filipino young people, which was gladly embraced by the latter. Government restrictions made us physically distant from each other, but God’s word keep us spiritually bonded.


The Bible reading is being held every second Saturday at 8PM Sydney time; 6PM Philippine time.  Majority of the participants are the young Filipino Christadelphians who are from the different parts of the country. A Filipino brother who works in Middle East was also able to join while he was on his break at work. It is just wonderful how this pandemic brings us closer together in spirit through technologies that God has blessed us with.  

The first session was held in the first Saturday of July 2020. Two readings were read, Matthew 5 and 2 Samuel 16. The topic was centered on the Beatitudes and the promises made to those who develop saintly characters. In 1 Samuel 16, God’s selection of David as the next king was expounded. There were exchanges of thoughts and comments. Questions by the young ones were answered too. Few members from remote places had issues with network connection, but most had satisfactory reception.

Virtual Bible readings is essential during this interesting time. Although we can do our own readings at the comfort of our own homes, seeing our brethren and sisters even only in screen is very uplifting. It helps everyone to focus on what is more important. The session will continue in order to provide spiritual boost among the participants. We know that this pandemic will herald the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ. His return is the only solution to bring peace, order and cure to this troubled world.

Bro Jeyrold& Sis Ciarra

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