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The Philippines Youth Conference

2 January 2024

The Philippines Youth Conference was held from December 25 to 29. Young people from all over the Philippines enjoyed spending time together around studies based on the fruits of the spirit.

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December eNews – Philippines

18 December 2023

Virtual Bible Series During the COVID-19 pandemic, a virtual Bible Series (VBS) was commenced by Bugallon Ecclesia for the benefit, not only of their own ecclesia, but also for any from the Philippine brotherhood who wished to join. The Bible Studies were held on a Thursday evening and were broadcast […]

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Baptisms at Bugallon

26 November 2023

We’re pleased to hear about five baptisms at the Bugallon Ecclesia in the Philippines, Brothers Rodjie and Ruben and Sisters Marita, Lolita and Lily

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Bicol Bible Tour and Medical Mission

18 November 2023

A five day tour in Bicol Region was a resounding success. For a long while our brothers and sisters in the Labo Ecclesia were requesting a visit from the Bumadilla family. The 12 hour land travel seemed so short after being warmly welcomed by our dear brothers and sisters who […]

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Philippines Youth Conference

25 October 2023

First Face to Face Philippines Youth Conference Since 2019 Preparations are now in progress for the next Philippines Youth Conference which is being held on 25-29 December 2023. This year is extra exciting, as it is the first time since COVID-19 that a face-to-face youth conference has been held in […]

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October eNews – Indonesia

14 October 2023

Most Christadelphian activity in Indonesia centres around the 60 brothers and sisters at Solo Ecclesia, Central Java. The small number in Jakarta are spread throughout that huge city and not all live in Jakarta all year round. We are very happy to report 4 baptisms in Solo Ecclesia this past […]

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