Indonesia has a population of 231 million making it the most populous Muslim nation in the world. Indonesia consists of hundreds of distinct native ethnic and linguistic groups. The largest ethnic group are the Javanese (42%). 87.2% of the population is Muslim, 9% Christian, 3% Hindu, and 2% Buddhist or other. The main language is Bahasa Indonesian.

Ecclesia: Solo (Central Java),  Jakarta.

ACBM activities

Work began 1969.  While fieldworkers continue to work and travel safely in Indonesia, caution needs to be exercised due to the dominance of Islam and occasional terrorist activity in large urban centres. Main fieldworker visits are in June-July to coincide with the annual Study Week.

In the capital city of Jakarta, a tiny but dedicated ecclesia shines God’s light clearly at its regular meetings. If you are visiting they would love to hear from you.

Solo Ecclesia, in Central Java, is a much larger ecclesia and conducts a full range of activities, including Sunday School, youth events, and a sisters’ class. Attendance at the sisters’ class is excellent and is a great support particularly for the widows and single sisters in the group.

Recent Posts

Some photos of a recent fieldworker visit to Indonesia

25 March 2024

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Solo Ecclesia in Indonesia

2 January 2024

Some pictures from a week of fellowship with the Solo Ecclesia in Indonesia.

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October eNews – Indonesia

14 October 2023

Most Christadelphian activity in Indonesia centres around the 60 brothers and sisters at Solo Ecclesia, Central Java. The small number in Jakarta are spread throughout that huge city and not all live in Jakarta all year round. We are very happy to report 4 baptisms in Solo Ecclesia this past […]

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Baptism in Solo

19 July 2023

The ecclesia in Solo Indonesia were pleased to welcome Bro. Jojo who was baptised at the recent Indonesian Bible School. His wife Sis. Sepi has been baptised for many years and shared her faith with him.

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New Year in Solo

7 January 2022

Our brothers and sisters in Solo, Indonesia, enjoyed their Christmas Day get together at the hall. Christmas is a very special time for our brothers and sisters there. In a country where the majority religion is Islam, Christmas is really the only time of year when Christians can be open about their faith. Our love and prayers are with them.

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Indonesia Update Aug 2021

14 August 2021

As you may be aware, Indonesia has recently been significantly hit with a new wave of COVID cases. Our brothers and sisters in Solo and Jakarta have been impacted, with a number contracting COVID and many more out of work due to lockdowns. We are glad that some are recovering […]

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