Malaysia Update 2020

We currently have 36 brothers and sisters throughout Malaysia. Most of these members have come as a direct result of the preaching effort of Brother Kahfook and Sister Tina Tham and their family, over a period of 20 years.

With the COVID-19 restrictions we are currently continuing with our preaching effort, using a Bible seminar series online. We now have 10 active contacts who are logging in weekly. These are all from Malaysia but the session is conducted remotely from NZ by brother Kahfook. This has meant we have forged much closer ties with the Wellington Ecclesia and we share many activities together.

The Malaysian Government has managed the coronavirus situation well and have begun to relax the isolation controls we have been under since March 18. Many of our members are elderly so they are remaining locked down and keeping up with online classes. None of our members have been directly affected by the virus and so far the financial impact has not been felt by our members, for which we are very thankful. We have a special study weekend planned for the 27-28th June with Brother Ron Holburn from Auckland, to the subject, “A Name above all Names.” Brother Ron visits us on a yearly basis, this year however it will be via Zoom meeting.

In the picture: In December 2019 we were Blessed to have Brother Christian Russell from USA who flew to Malaysia for 2 weekends to share Fellowship and lead studies from the life of Samuel.

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