East Timor Update 2021

While no fieldworkers have been able to visit Timor Leste during 2020, we are very thankful that the country has experienced little effect from the corona virus. We do miss the personal contact with our brethren and sisters however, and look forward to when we can visit the members of the Dili Ecclesia, once again. Our Lord may return before we have that opportunity and we certainly look forward to the reality of the Kingdom when all from “every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation” will be united with our Lord.

While the ecclesia is based in the capital Dili, we do have brethren in many parts of the country in isolation. Employment is difficult to find in Dili so some of our brethren have returned to their home districts. Some are in Dili; others have found seasonal work in Australia.

Registration of the Christadelphians in Timor Leste is currently being set up. The country is 98% Catholic, but to gain some recognition, to be seen by the public as a legitimate organisation, and to establish a building suitable for ecclesial activities, it is an advantage to register as a “church”. We hope this will help with the spread of the Gospel message until our Lord returns.

Story - 3 Timor Brethren staying in Australia

Three Timor Leste brothers who have University degrees for teaching English at High schools have been unable to obtain employment in their home country.


However, they have been able to obtain employment in Australia under the Foreign Aid Visa program.


This is the second time Bro Noel Marcel and Bro Vicente Pinto have been employed under this working program. They now have employment at the Midnorth Meat works in Warrnambool and have worked for this company since September 2019. They are however in isolation and stream regularly into the memorial meetings in Enfield, Sydney or into Launceston. Their accommodation is in the residential units at the local campus of the Deakin University and they would love to see brothers and sisters who are passing through the area.

Visits on a Saturday afternoon or evening or Sunday would be very helpful, but contact must be made in advance to arrange this.

Bro Felix ( Fecky) Caval has been working in Albany and Harvey, WA, picking strawberries and oranges. This is the first time he has worked in Australia under this program. He really appreciates the time with the brothers and sisters in Albany reading the word of God and remembering their Lord around the emblems at the memorial meetings.   

He would also love to see brothers and sisters who are passing through the area. Again arrangements must be made in advance to meet up with Brother Felix as he works long hours

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