Bro. Kenneth and Sis. Rovi’s Baptism

Bro. Kenneth and Sis. Rovi had been in search of the truth for years and have found a way to it through Christadelphian preaching and learning web sites. Afterwards, through the ACBM, they were connected to the Laguna Ecclesia where they regularly attended meetings and continued their studies. A year after they first attended a Christadelphian meeting, they confessed their faith and got baptised in the Christadelphian Faith.


Over the last two days the Philippine ecclesias have been meeting for a virtual study weekend around the theme of Acts. Most of the brothers and sisters have been able to meet at their halls and connect with other ecclesias via Zoom, like this group here at Santa Barbara. The weekend included 6 baptisms at Bugallon ecclesia and a song praise night with each ecclesia singing an item.

Philippines Typhoon Ulysses

TYPHOON ULYSSES, PHILIPPINES – The typhoon season in South East Asia this year had been relatively quiet until about 2 weeks ago. Since then four typhoons have hit the Philippines. The most recent was typhoon Ulysses which has caused widespread flooding throughout the northern island of Luzon, with some areas seeing the highest floods for…

Philippines Typhoon Rolly

Over the last two days the Philippines has been impacted by Typhoon Rolly, this is the second typhoon to hit the country in a week, with another possibly following in a few days time.Typhoon Rolly made landfall in the southern Bicol region, as a category 5 system, the strongest typhoon of the year and caused extensive damage.

ACBM NSW Publicity Evening

An ACBM NSW Publicity Evening was held online on Saturday 19 September 2020. The evening included updates on the effect of COVID-19 on mission areas, some special events for young people in the Philippines in December 2019, an update on Indonesia including the story of 3 Iranian refugees in Jakarta, and progress in Pakistan.