Youth Involvement in the ACBM

The ACBM is keen to encourage young brothers and sisters to become more involved in its work. Mission work is extremely rewarding and all workers return home saying they have received far more than they have been able to give. Many young people who had intended to do mission work only once have found that it has turned into a lifelong commitment.

The Asia-Pacific region is home to many of the fastest growing countries in the world meaning that the population is made up of a very large proportion of young people. The average age of the population in many countries in the region is only 21 or 22 years. A large number of our contacts brothers and sisters across the region are also young people.

Countries across the region organize activities such as youth conferences and CYC activities. In the last twelve months Youth Conferences have been held many countries, including large gatherings in countries such as Fiji, Vanuatu, the Philippines, Cambodia and India. The contributions of young people are valued in activities such as teaching, Sunday School, leading seminars and following up contacts.

Some areas are also looking at different methods of establishing contacts and sharing the truth with those who are interested, such as establishing schools, teaching at local universities and establishing ventures to fulfil needs in local communities. If you have trade or professional skills, you may well find that there is an opportunity to use them in some of these areas.

There has also been huge growth in access to technology across the region which leads to new and exciting opportunities and provides access to places where we once would have never thought it possible. Often it is young people who have the tech skills to best take advantages of these new opportunities.

Not only are young people needed in the mission field. When you return home the ACBM Regional Committees and area teams are keen to involve young people and the skills, ideas and enthusiasm that they can bring to the work.

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